Wednesday, August 25, 2010


When Justin and I began dating at the ripe old age of seventeen and eighteen, he would give me the sweetest compliments. Some of which I would never put in writing, but they went something like...

"You look really pretty tonight."

"Your hair smells nice."

"Your butt looks great in those jeans!"

"You have beautiful eyes."
Fast forward six years to the moment he gave me the best compliment I had ever received:

"Will you be my wife?"
Followed by:

"You look amazing in your wedding dress."
Then on our honeymoon:

"That bikini is smokin'!"
Then came marriage.

"Honey, you're a great cook!"

"Seriously? You're wearing sweatpants again?"

"You look beautiful with your pregnant belly!"

"You're a hot mom."
He is amazing and I don't take him for granted for one single minute. Even though we have been together for 12 years, he still treats me as if I'm still his girlfriend.

Last night he hit me with a new one though:

"Sweetie, you're a really good cleaner," he said, as he hugged me after I had finished cleaning our kitchen after dinner.
It may sound ridiculous, but it's so nice to be appreciated for the little things that I do.
I hope he knows how much his words mean to me.

If I had gotten that compliment as an 18 year old, I definitely wouldn't appreciate it the way that I do now! It's funny how we change.


Momma Wilson said...

so true, and sweet:)

Rebekah said...

Love it! I understand-when J notices the small things I've done throughout the day, it means so much!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOVE it!

I also love it when D notices (AND COMMENTS ON) things I do :)

Mitzi G. said...

I think that is the best thing feel valued & appreciated warms the heart & soul!!

Mrs.F said...

I know exactly what you mean! It's so nice to be recognized for all the little things we do as wives & mommies... especially by our hubbies!

Jennifer said... sweet! Husbands like that are wonderful! :)

Meant to be a mom said...

This is so true. Its nice that you still enjoy the compliments. Its always nice to know they still notice.