Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The past week and a half has been quite busy for our little family. The boys had a cold last week and they are also teething. There were definitely some sleep issues for the both of them and we are finally beginning to get them back on their normal schedule.
There is definitely some catching-up to do so we'll do it with some random pictures!
Luke & Nolan spent the day with Grammie & Grandpop at a block party while Justin and I went to a Phillies game with our best friends!

New sneakers arrived in the mail and the boys just had to show them off!

They also had to destroy the box that the sneakers arrived in. Naturally.

In between sick days & miserable teething days, we took a trip to the park.

"I can totally do like 10 pull-ups. psshh. No problem."
My ribs & back muscles are still hurting from this stupid stunt.
What's amazing is that Justin actually took a picture of me trying!
Nolan had a great time on the swings, but Luke didn't like them too much this day.

Luke did, however, like pulling Nolan around in the wagon!

He pulled him around the basketball courts a few times. Nolan just sat in the wagon like the king of the park while his brother toted him around!

This past weekend, I snuck away with Lisa for an Eagles pre-season game and a Chickies dinner!
The boys are getting a little more daring around the house. Nolan has been hitting Luke with either his hands or a toy. He also steals toys from Luke a lot. I'm trying to work on this with him, but it's hard to make a 13 month old understand that you don't hit & steal from your brother. Any suggestions?


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

We are in the same boat with hitting and toy stealing. Ms. R started it and now Ms. K is hitting her right back. :( At first I was redirecting them every time I saw it happen, but that was consuming me! Now...I do some redirection, but other times I just kind of let them work it out. So far no major bumps or bruises because of it and I kind of feel like they might learn from it better this way. We can hope?? :-)

Mitzi G. said...

That is so sweet that Luke pulled Nolan around in the wagon but hitting & stealing from him is not a nice way to say thank you.

I am not sure how I would handle that; they are so young to understand what they are doing. Maybe just seperating them & telling him each time that he is hurting his brother will eventually help him understand.....good luck!!

Meant to be a mom said...

The wagon pic is my favorite. I love that one.
The new sneakers are very stylish, manly and cool :)

I'm glad you got to have fun night away with your friends.

Oh and I hope the boys start to feel better, teething pain and all.

Mrs.F said...

Ummm you look AMAZING in the pull up picture. Seriously I want your arms ;)