Tuesday, August 24, 2010

14 Months

Dear Boys,

We awoke on your 14 month birthday with a few extra house guests. Tom, Erin & Guiness had come to spend the weekend with us because it's fantasy football season and the day before was the big draft day. You know how your daddy loves fantasy football. He tells me often how he looks forward to tossing around a football with you.

You both have been keeping us very busy. When you were much smaller & took frequent naps, I had plenty of time to take pictures, organize them and blog about our days, but that time is becoming less and less. It's not a bad thing at all! I love playing with you, singing silly songs to you and keeping you happy and entertained. I get some quiet time while you take your afternoon nap, but I usually spend it reading a book or taking a nap myself.

You are such big boys! Pacifiers are only used in your cribs - thank you for making the transition so easy! Speaking of cribs, you both have started chewing on them with your teeth. I need to get protectors on them soon.

You love looking into the oven when I am baking or roasting dinner. I don't know why you find it so fascinating, but I think it's the sweetest thing.

The neighbors could probably hear you squeal in delight over the vacuum cleaner. There are times I turn it on when you are a bit cranky because it cheers you right up!

You love animal crackers and vegetable soup! Whenever we need you to eat your veggies, Grammie will make a pot of soup and you eat them all up. You drink a gallon of milk in a day and a half.

For the most part, you play together nicely, but there are instances when you would rather have your own space. Your favorite toys are your pretend phones, the pull-along doggie, Scout, the fill & dump wagon and the cozy coupe.

It is the end of August, but I am looking forward to cooler weather so that we can go on hay rides, pick pumpkins and play in the fallen leaves.

I love you both more than I could ever put into words. You make your dad and I so, unbelievably happy - we talk about it every day. We are so thankful to have such cheerful and cuddly little boys.

Love, Mommy


Mrs. W said...

What a sweet post!!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Great post. I can't believe they are 14 months already and that they are so active and busy :)