Sunday, July 18, 2010

VA Beach Vacation Part II


We had learned our lesson and began giving the boys their regular morning naps hoping that when we reached the beach at 11:30, the boys would be well-rested and happy.
They weren't.
I tried playing on the beach blanket with them; didn't like that either.Daddy & Aunt Danielle tried making a giant castle... Nope. Don't like this either.
Grammie & Grandpa took pity on Justin & I and took the boys back to the condo so that we could enjoy a few hours to ourselves on the beach. LOVE them!!!!
A few hours later, Luke & Nolan returned to the beach in great spirits! They were well-rested, had full bellies and were ready to play in the surf & sand.

My mom had brought them down in onesies thinking that they'd be more comfortable in them as opposed to heavy bathing suits that rubbed between their legs. I think she was right!!

I was so happy to see Nolan having a good time! He actually put his hands in the sand & didn't freak out!Luke really took to the ocean. If we let him go, he would run right for the waves - no fear at all!!

I absolutely cannot be outside without sunglasses. My eyes are always closed. Sure enough, I left my glasses back at the blanket when we decided to do a family picture!
We enjoyed another beach day on Wednesday, and later on that evening, Aunt Danielle stayed in the condo with the boys so that Justin & I could enjoy dinner with my parents. She's the best aunt - the boys are so happy when they are with her!
Busch Gardens day!!! We picked this day because there was like zero chance of rain. That also meant that it was blazing hot and 101 degrees out. Oy. I can not handle the heat they way I used to. Since the boys came along, my body has changed and I just cannot stay out in the sun without a pool or ocean!
There was an Elmo Land in BG which was great for the boys. They are obviously still too small to ride most of the rides, but there were a few that they were able to go on.
Don't ask me how people are able to stand around in these character costumes. I think I'd pass out after 3 minutes. The boys liked the characters, however. Luke really wanted to get a hold of Zoe's bracelets!
Luke & Daddy!
Nolan rode with mommy.
My mom & I left after 4 hours at the park. We just couldn't take the heat any more and wanted to get the boys back to the condo so that we could take them in the pool - which they LOVED!!
It was our last day to enjoy the beach and it wound up being the perfect end to our vacation. The boys were happy (now that we put them in onesies & not bathing suits!) and really enjoyed running around in the surf and playing with other kids.
Luke still loved the water!

On Friday night, we took the boys to the Old Time Photo place for a picture. I think they make cute (pretend!!) gangsters!

We left VA Beach early on Saturday morning and the boys couldn't have had a better ride. We got a flat tire about an hour and a half outside of Philly, but Daddy was able to change it very quickly and we were home in no time!


ashley said...

Looked like you guys had so much fun!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

how fun!!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

thanks for the tip on the bathing suits - your mother is a genius. it's those kinds of things that they can't verbalise but can be a real pain when they SCREAM LOL

Also, love the gangster pic - BEAUTIFUL - you should frame it!

The Wilson's said...

sound like an awesome trip! I wish we were headed to the beach this summer. Love the pretend gangster pic, too cute!!!

Mitzi G. said...

They make adorable little gangsters & I am so happy they warmed up to the beach!

Heather said...

Great pictures, Jennifer! Looks like so much fun. I am glad that the boys took to the beach and ocean after a rocky start. And love that you got some alone time since you had such great babysitters at hand.