Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beach Vacation - Part I

We survived the 6 hour car ride and arrived in VA Beach to a torrential downpour. None of us minded & the boys were just happy to get out of the carseats. We met up with Grammie, Grandpop & Aunt Danielle and had a lovely dinner in the condo.

Sunday Morning.

My little guys woke up happy and fascinated by their new surroundings. There was a lot of exploring to be done! There was much jubilation when they realized that there weren't any child locks on the kitchen cabinets & that they had full access to the pots & pans! Then we were off to the beach.

If there was one thing I learned this morning, it is to keep the boys on their schedule. We thought we could push their morning nap back & take them to the beach first, but it was a bad idea. They were there for about 10 minutes before the big melt down. Time to go back to the condo for some sleep. Thankfully the condo is beach front!!

Once we took them back after their nap, they were much happier.

Luke loved eating the sand. Mommy didn't enjoy cleaning up sandy poo diapers.Nolan would barely touch the sand with his hands, but he did like the sand toys!
Later that evening, we had a delicious seafood dinner and took a walk with the family!

Monday morning.
We took the boys to the beach again. I have no pictures because Luke threw an hour-long temper tantrum while we were there. He even went as far as to rub his face in the sand. That was fun. We took them to the pool which was much better for Luke. He was actually happy!
We took a surrey ride after dinner which was a lot of fun!
The boys had a pretty good view!
Even if something looked like sand, Luke didn't like it. Take this sandcastle, for instance.
Nolan was as happy as could be!

Luke did, however enjoy the water fountain.

The boys are napping at the moment and I think we'll give the beach a try again today. I'm hoping that they'll eventually fall in love with it like their mommy & daddy are!


Christine said...

awww how much fun! I love VA Beach. Hopefully Luke love the beach...maybe your next trip :)

Lisa said...

How FUN! Looks like you guys are having a blast! You look amazing BTW :)

Cassie said...

It looks beautiful there! I love that picture of them first thing in the morning, so precious!

melissa78 said...

OMG I love them so much! I wish I was with you guys right now. I will keep my fingers crossed that Luke starts to like the beach/sand.
Can't wait to see more pictures.
Love you guys!!!!

Mitzi G. said...

VA Beach is where I was born & raised! I am so jealous to see your boys little feet in the sand since I haven't been able to get B there yet!

I hope that the trip down to the water goes better later & enjoy those little smiles!!

Erin said...

Looks like so much fun! The boys and I will be taking a beach trip with my parents and siblings later this summer, and I am interested in how they will be!

Meant to be a mom said...

What a fun trip! I love that the boys have each other to play with. It truly is something so special for them.

And can I just say that you are absolutely gorgeous! Seriously! The pic of you in the pink shirt is so pretty.
(ha, just thought you might want to know this info :)

I'm glad you had a good trip. Eating sand, having tantrums, and hating sand and all.

Jen said...

CUTE picture!!!
My first time to your blog...
just saying hi