Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

We kicked off our 4th of July weekend with a quiet Friday night at home with just the four of us. We all needed our rest because we had a very busy weekend ahead of us!

Saturday was our first BBQ which was so much fun because we got to enjoy Grandpop & the band play some awesome music while we swam in the pool and ate delicious food. There were a lot of kids splashing & jumping into the pool, so Grammie & I held the boys the entire time. Luke got to experience his first under-water dip because Grammie slipped while walking into the pool. He was okay - no tears at all!! Such a brave little guy.

On Sunday and Monday, immediately after the morning nap, we drove over to Mom Mom & Poppy's house for more BBQ and swimming. Basically, we spent the entire weekend eating & splashing around in the pool. That's just how we roll around here!

Luke and Nolan soaked up a lot of love and attention from friends and family this 4th of July weekend. Now we are getting ready for our family vacation next week!


Dee said...

Looks and sounds like a blast to me! :)

Mitzi G. said...

Their little sun hats are too cute!

Heather said...

Love their hats! Looks like a great time. Good luck on your vacation!