Monday, June 28, 2010

Pool & Party

We had another fun weekend with the boys. People keep telling me that as they get older, they will get more & more fun, but I can't imagine them being more fun then they are now.
Mom Mom & Poppy had the boys over for a sleep-over on Friday night so that Justin and I could go out to dinner with Rick & Brenda. When we went over to see the boys on Saturday, they were well-rested & ready for some fun in the pool!!!

Later in the afternoon, we headed out to cousin, TJ's high school graduation. There aren't many pictures from the party because we kept busy trying to contain the little guys!! Now I know why people buy those backpack leashes for their children! They no longer walk...they can run too and my goodness are they FAST!We had a hard time keeping them away from the recycle bin. They love empty water bottles!They also liked the beer cooler. Like father, like sons!!


Claire @ Completely Claire said...

I am a fairly new follower and just love looking at your babies! I think twins are so fun & love listening to all the stories you share!!

Have a blessed day,

Deanna said...

I love their outfits in that last picture. They look so grown up!


how ready to get my girls out and playing in the your swimsuit btw