Monday, June 21, 2010

Luke & Nolan's First Birthday Party

This past Saturday was the big day -- we celebrated Luke and Nolan's upcoming birthday with a party!

I do love planning parties, but this one was a little bittersweet. They aren't 'babies' any more. A lot of love and time went into planning their Ocean ONEderland party. It all started with their invitation and I planned everything around that. I made a DVD of the boys' first year that played during the party. The DVD took me a couple of months to make because weeding through 11+ months of pictures and selecting which ones to use takes quite a bit of time! We ended up with a 15 minute DVD detailing their year accompanied by music.

Next up was the birthday banner. I found some that I liked on Etsy, but they were expensive in my opinion, so I broke down and made one myself.
I took some of the craft paper I used to make the banners to make fish decals which were placed all over the house. Credit has to go to Justin for drawing the original fish because mine turned out terribly!I used leftover craft paper to make a few banners.
I made favors for the kids which I never took a picture of. They were beach buckets & shovels filled with goodies.

Aunt Chica & Aunt Danielle slept over on Friday night so that when we woke on Saturday morning, the boys had someone to entertain them while Justin & I got everything ready for the party.
Aunt Christa & Nolan (who is staring at his new Cozy Coupe!)
Nolan & Luke got personalized Cozy Coupes from Mom Mom & Poppy.
They love climbing in & out!
Emma & Luke enjoyed playing in the new playhouse from Grammie & Grandpop!
We love our family & friends!!

Why is everyone singing at me???
Grammie made little smash cakes for the boys!
They obviously liked them!!

He can't be bothered with using his hands.

Time to open gifts!

Jake, this is how this works...okay?

Here is grandpop encouraging the boys to play with the dog door!

It was a fun day for us all. We can't thank our family and friends enough for all of their love for the past year. The boys had a great time (and were tuckered out that night!!). Although they won't remember the day, they will look back at pictures & video and they will feel all of the love from the people who helped make their birthday party so special!


The Wilson's said...

Looks like the party was a success! You did an awesome job with all the details of the party theme. Happy 1st Birthday to the boys and congrats for making it through the first year:)

Deanna said...

Happy birthday to your boys! The party looks great.

Question: What kind of playhouse did they get? Do they seem to like it so far? We are thinking about buying one for my girls, but I want to get one that's going to last. I didn't know how much they would use it at one, if it's worth it now or if I should wait awhile.

Andreina said...

Looks like a great time! Happy birthday boys!!!

Mitzi G. said...

How sweet!! I can't believe they are 1 already, Brayden's is right around the corner too! You did a great job on the banner & decorations as well!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Gosh, gosh, gosh, your banner is so cute (yes, lots of the etsy stuff is a bit pricey)

Rebecca said...

So fun! I love the banner in the backyard! I also love the way he's leaning in to eat the cake sans hands...that's the best!

Erin said...

Awwww, I can't believe the boys are already one! It looks you guys had an amazing party.

Laura said...

What a cute banner and decorations! It looks like they had an awesome first birthday! :)

Sumer said...

I love the pictures of the party and their birthday outfits!!! Where did you find those. I can't believe mine will be a year in two and half months!

Sarah said...

Looks like they had a blast! Happy Birthday Nolan and Luke!

Natalie A. said...

It looks like the party turned out fantastic! Amazing pictures like always!


happy belated birthday...looks like a great party...and look at you one year look awesome.