Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How we spent our Birthday - from Luke & Nolan

Hey Everyone,

This is Luke & Nolan. We're one now and we had a fun birthday!!
Mommy & daddy took us to the Adventure Aquarium which was SO much fun! We loved looking at the fish!
We even got to touch baby sting rays, but we enjoyed splashing the water everywhere more than anything.
Daddy loves to feed us cheese - he's so silly!
The penguins weren't very exciting. They mostly just stood there.
But mommy made us watch them anyway because she likes penguins. Mommy pushed our stroller up a bumpy ramp for this rainforest picture. There was so much going on so we can't be bothered with looking at the camera!
Look, it's Nemo!
We really liked the sharks - especially the shark tube!!!
This hippo was so cool!
He came right up to the glass!!

These jellyfish are awesome!!
Mommy thought it would be nice for us to stand outside & have our pictures taken with the city skyline behind us...
but we had other plans.
We can't be contained!!!
You can't take a nice picture, mommy!!! We want to run!

Later that day, we went home & Mom Mom, Poppy & Grammie came over to sing "Happy Birthday" to us!

We had a very fun day and we love mommy & daddy very much!!


Bethany said...

Am I the only person that didn't realize hippos go underwater like that? Aren't they like.. land animals that just sometimes swim to cool off? Boy.. I guess not, or that hippo was going to drown.
Happy Birthday beautiful little boys!!

Mitzi G. said...

What a wonderful way to spend their birthday!

melissa78 said...

Bethany, no you are not!!! I was like WTF!!! lol

Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Jennifer said...

Girls, I had no clue about the hippos either. There were 2 places you could view them. I was standing above the water looking down thinking I was lucky b/c nobody was there. Meanwhile, all of the people were at the underwater viewing spot. When we finally made our way there, I realized what I was missing out on, LOL!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I've been wanting to check out the Dallas Aquarium for a while now...I think you just sealed the deal!

Rebecca said...

What fun! That hippo is awesome and I love the outtakes at the end...they're always the best!

Meant to be a mom said...

They are 1! Wow!
It looks like they had a great birthday. This is exactly what I was thinking about doing with Cooper on his birthday but I wasn't sure how interested he would be. It looks like your boys definitely liked it though. Maybe Coop would too?

I'm so glad they had a nice day. They are adorable.

Mandy said...

They are so big! I can't believe T & C are less than 4 months shy of being there - omg! Their birthday party looked awesome and they seem like such happy little fellas :)

Rebekah said...

Happy (belated) 1st Birthday, Luke and Nolan!! It looks like your party was such fun and your actual birthday was a blast!

I had no clue that hippos did that either. I actually thought it was just a fake one that was suspended under water, until I saw that it moved in the next picture! ha!

JackieMac said...

So cute - it looks like they had fun!! Happy Birthday Nolan and Luke!!!

Natalie A. said...

It looks like you all had a ton of fun! That's exciting that they are 1 now!

Mrs.F said...

The aquarium sounds so fun! Can't believe they are 1 already.