Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wedding in Ocean City

Justin and I spent a beautiful and fun weekend down at the Jersey Shore for our friends' Rick & Brenda's wedding. The boys got to spend Saturday & Sunday with Grammy, Grandpop and Aunt Danielle while we got the chance for some quality alone-time.

We arrived in Ocean City 2 hours before the wedding so we went straight to the beach. Yes, Justin was wearing a suit and I was in a dress but we didn't care; we wanted to feel the sand between our toes! After our beach trip, we headed over to church to see two of our closest friends tie the knot.

Brenda looking gorgeous after the ceremony

After the ceremony we drove to the Renault Winery, which is where we stayed and where the reception took place. I missed the babies, but it was so nice to be able to actually take the time to get ready for a night out with my husband. Usually I take a quick shower & try to put on makeup while the boys are pulling toilet paper off the roll around my feet in the bathroom!

Primped for some fun at the reception!!
Rick and Brenda started dating right around the time Justin and I started "going steady" (I love that term!), so we have all been together for a while -- 12 years to be exact!
So sweet!
After the reception, Justin and I (still wearing our wedding attire) hopped in the car for a quick drive to the Borgata in Atlantic City where we played some roulette. I love spending time with him! Going on a date with your husband is definitely something that needs to be done from time to time!
While we were away, Grammy sent a few pictures of the boys having fun! I love getting these text messages from her


Mrs. Hesson said...

Oh my goodness I absolutely love your black and beige dress. You look beautiful!

Rebecca said...

How fun! I LOVE Ocean City, favorite!

Great dress...the bride looked beautiful!

Cassie said...

Oh Jenn! You look absolutely beautiful! I love your dress, where in the world did you get it? I hope you guys had so much fun. You deserve it!

Mandy said...

LOVE that dress!!! I have to know where you found it!

Jennifer said...

Thank you everyone :) I never pay full price for ANYTHING because I'm a big ol' cheapo, LOL! I got it from the BCBG Outlet! Thanks again :)

Meant to be a mom said...

Your boys are the cutest. And can I just say that your dress is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AND SASSY girl!
I love it! The bride is just beautiful as well. What a fun time you guys had. And the boys too :)

ashley said...

Totally loving the dress!

Mrs.F said...

I love your dress!!! You look gorgeous! I know what you mean about missing your babies when you are away from them, but it's just so nice to get to spend some 1 on 1 time with your husband once in a while. I should be taking my own advice... we RARELY get out just us two!

Eclipsed said...

I'm getting a house in Ocean City for a week in the summer. You look amazing.