Friday, May 21, 2010

I Don't Know How Parents Co-Sleep With Toddlers

I have had a good reason for my lack of posting for the past few days: the boys are sick and Justin was away for work so there just hasn't been the time. On Wednesday morning everything was great, L&N played, chased one another and stole toys from each other - very typical day.

After their afternoon nap, when I pulled Nolan out of his crib, I noticed that he was burning up. I took his temp and, sure enough, he had his highest fever yet - 103.9. The pedi said to give him medicine and bring him into the office in the morning if he still had a temp.

When my kids are sick, like most kids, they want to be held constantly. This is a little difficult when Luke wants to play and smack Nolan in the head (which is one of their fun new activities) and I'm by myself. Luckily Mom Mom & Poppy came over which distracted Luke and allowed me to go buy more baby medicine!
Nolan slept pretty well that night, but Luke was up, I swear, 10 times for paci replacements.
Thursday morning, Nolan had no temp and was feeling better, but I still took him to the pedi who said he has a bad sore throat and to just continue alternating m0trin and ty1en0l.
Since it was such a gorgeous day, the boys and I went into the yard to play for a little while.

Do you see my sweet Luke's sad face? Right after play time, they went down for naps. When Luke woke up from his nap, he now had a fever. My poor guys!! I guess he has a sore throat too, so I started him on the meds and held him in my lap where he was very content.

This brings me to the co-sleeping thing. Luke had a miserable night and he just couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. His fever didn't come down until around 3 a.m. which is when Justin and I decided that we need to try and get some sleep so what do we do??

Let's let Luke sleep in bed with us where he's happiest and maybe we'll all get some rest. Luke got rest. Justin & I....not so much.

We have a king sized bed so surely this would be enough room for a 120 pound mommy, her 20 pound son and his 6'3" daddy. Well, it wasn't!! Luke wanted to be right half on / half off mommy while intermittently kicking his legs and smacking her in the face because he was feeling better.

When parents co-sleep with their babies, is everyone just used to it, so they sleep peacefully? I cannot sleep soundly when a baby is in bed with me. I'm afraid of moving. I got a pain in my shoulder from propping Luke up after he fell asleep.

We're all up now. I've consumed two cups of coffee while the boys are playing. They're fevers are gone and they seem to be in good moods. Hopefully their sore throats go away by tomorrow because I have a fun GIRLS weekend planned with some girlfriends!


Erin said...

Haha, I totally agree with you, I cannot see how people can co-sleep. The boys take up SO much room, and have to be touching me, and kicking me, and having their hair in my face, etc. They might sleep great, but I get NO sleep! Hope your boys are feeling better and that you have an awesome girls' weekend!

Mitzi G.!! said...

I hope that the boys are feeling better & that you get some rest tonight!!

Yeah for a girls night!

Rebecca said...

Yay for Girls' Weekend!!! Have fun!

Jealous of 120 pounds.

I ONLY let the kids sleep with us when they're sick and I don't sleep at all...I hate it...I don't know how people do that all the time!!!

Mama Mandolin said...

My boys are only 2 1/2 months old and I love co sleeping :) But they're still so little so they don't take up much room. And usually one boy will sleep fine in the arm's reach next to the bed and the other will sleep with me if he gets fussy. As they sleep for longer stretches at night they do better on their own, because let's face it, as much as I love sleeping with them a night on my tummy is nice! I have to admit though, I actually sleep better when they're near me versus when I have nobody in bed with me.

P.S. LOVE your blog:) Your boys are so handsome!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

first, your guys are so cute - they're little boys!!!

I can't even rest with Connor on the bed - he kicks me (not intentionally, I hope) and thrashes around - maybe it's a boy thing?

hope your two are 100% soon

Jennifer said...

Hope the boys are all better now. I don't get how people co-sleep either. I need my space when I sleep. Once I'm ready to sleep, I don't even snuggle with my husband that much. I just need space. ha!