Saturday, May 22, 2010

11 Months Old

Boys, first let me say that this has been the most fun month with you so far. I know that there has been a short-lived cold and teething pain, but you still manage to party like little rock stars! Watching you grow, learn and accomplish new things every day is nothing short of amazing for me.

Both of you are so very different from eachother, but I can see the comfort you bring to eachother. If someone wakes up and his brother isn't in the nursery with him - he cries out for him.

You both shake your heads when someone says "no, no, no."

You like to play together and will follow eachother everywhere, but if one of you is tired -- all bets are off and there is sure to be tears.

Puffs are your favorite snack.

You both love soft blankets & pillows. If a soft blanket is on the floor, you will flop down and rub your face on it.

I finally removed the mobile from your cribs because every day I go into your nursery, the monkeys that dangle from the mobile are thrown on the floor.

Outlets, cords, remote controls, laptops, cell phones -- just naming things that get you love to play with (but we try very hard to get you not to!).


You have a tooth!

You're still an expert cruiser & will only take steps when you want to.

You're obsessed with toilet paper. No roll is safe when you're near!

Eye glasses are another one of your favorite things to grab.

You sit on the hardwood floor and use your feet to spin yourself around in circles - it's fun to watch!

You LOVE the refrigerator and will crawl (very quickly) over to it when you hear the door open.


You walk on your own now -- no more prompting from mom & dad.

You're extremely ticklish.

You wave 'hello' and 'goodbye'

For the past couple of weeks, you've been scrunching your nose & squinting your eyes when you give a smile - it's adorable!

When you're tired, you pull on your ear and rub your eyes.

Thank you again for being such wonderful little boys. Thank you for your sloppy kisses and hugs. I even thank you for the hair-pulling and the crying. You're both loved so much by so many people. You're both fighting right now, so I'm going to intervene. I love you!!


Debbie said...

This is such a sweet post. So full of love.
And they are just the cutest things ever!

Rebekah said...

That picture is beyond cute! I just posted about H turning 8 months...I feel we'll be at 11 in the blink of an eye! Almost party time!!

Mitzi G.!! said...

Gosh, they are getting so big; are you ready for their birthday party?

Lisa said...

wow...I cant beleive theu are almost a year old! Such sweet boys you have.