Friday, April 23, 2010

The Two to One Ratio: Outtings With My Boys

My boys are napping upstairs in the nursery and I'm sitting at my kitchen table wondering how I'm going to accomplish all that I need to get done today with the two boys. It's the Two to One Factor that I must constantly think about before stepping out the front door.

I need to visit the grocery store, Sam's Club and Wal Mart today. Not an easy fete when it's just me and the munchkins. Sam's Club is actually a breeze and I never worry about shopping there because their carts are extra wide, so both boys can sit side by side. LOVE THAT!! The grocery store and Wal Mart are an entirely different story though. They only have carts for singletons and it's pretty dangerous to let one baby sit up top while the other is standing in the basket (Justin & I tried this before at Target. Nolan refused to sit - I don't blame him! Justin ended up carrying him through half of the shopping excursion).

I could always just wait for Justin to get home from work, but it takes away from our family time in the evening. If he gets home at 5:30 & the boys go to bed at 7:30, that doesn't leave much fun time! We usually like to take the boys for a walk in the wagon, have dinner together and give the boys a bath.

How I wish I didn't have to strategize before heading out the door! I usually plan on how I'm going to do my shopping that day: (1) trying to fit two kids into the cart OR (2) pushing them in a double stroller while I drag a shopping cart behind me. That's not too easy to do!

I also worry about visiting friends' homes. I know that everyone is always willing to pitch in and help keep an eye one one of the boys while I run after the other, but I can't just expect people to be willing to do that.

Visiting the mall is usually easy with the little guys, but you'd be surprised by how many stores aren't double stroller friendly. This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine! I constantly have to either move racks or find a different route! If I do manage to squeeze all of us between the clothing racks, the stroller usually knocks the clothes to the floor, so I need to stop and pick the clothes up and put them back on the rack.

At least I'm getting lots of exercise!

I hear the crib aquarium now, so that means Luke is awake! I'm going to grab my babies, give them lots of cuddles and we're going to get some shopping done!!

I'm going to go with the "push the double stroller & drag the shopping cart" method today!

I am a lucky momma!


Laura said...

Good luck on your excursion today! I imagine that is hard to do. Cam doesn't like sitting in the cart so unless we have a sitter (sometimes we do, sometimes we don't) we have to take him with us. :)

Kristi H said...

Good Luck! Have you tried putting both of them in the top of a single cart? I had seen other moms do it on their blogs and I finally got brave and tried it myself and it works great! I wish I had known when my girls were smaller because they're almost too big for it now (14 months), but I still squeeze them in there together if I'm desperate! I put them side by side with their inside legs through the wholes and their outside legs folded in front of them. They LOVE it! Have fun today :)

Deanna said...

As a first-time mom with only the "twin experience," I've often said that it would be SO easy to get out and go with only one baby! One person can easily manage one baby, right? Two is a much different story. Of course, if I only had one the first time, I'm sure I wouldn't think that was easy, either. It's all about perspective!

WantWait&Pray said...

You just highlighted on the things I've pondered since finding out we were expecting to get errands, grocery shopping, trips to Target done with 2 babies.
Good to know Sams has extra wide carts...but the push stroller/drag cart sounds like a handful.
Best of luck today as you attempt your errands.
BTW- what double stroller do you have that you use for errands and whatnot? We've got the DoubleSnap-n-Go for when the twins are tiny but haven't purchased the next step stroller (we have time, I'm still pregnant) :-)

Jennifer said...

WantWait&Pray -- twins?! Yay - congrats!!!

We have the Combi double stroller. I do like it; it's easy to fold/unfold; it's relatively light; it's easy to steer; there is a tray for the boys.

My only complaints are that there isn't enough storage space so I had to buy hooks to hold the diaper bag & shopping bags & there is no cup holder for the "driver."

Good luck! If you have any questions, email me!


Lisa said...

Good luck!

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

I have the same problem when i go grocery shopping. The one in the back always likes to stand, so what i do is i just pull the shopping cart from the back, that way i can stand right beside the one in the back and making sure he can't lean over.
Sometimes i just sit him down and give him a snack and he is usually content.
The next obstacle is trying to fit all the groceries UNDER the cart. I can't put them in the back with the other kid because they try throwing it out of the cart, or chewing on it,etc.

Natalie A. said...

I have never thought of that before and how carts are usually smaller. You always open my eyes up to things I haven't thought about! I hope your shopping trip went well for you today!!

Rebecca said...

Ah! It's so hard! I remember creating my strategies...constantly. I still do it! My grocery store has double strollers, but only if you get the carts with the cars on the front...too me a while to get that figured out. Whenever I couldn't figure it out, I opted for the stroller...just as annoying at times as you said. Hang in least they're still contained...what about when we have to hold their hands???

Kristine said...

I feel your pain :)

I also LOVE the Sam's carts and think all stores should have them :)

When the kids were littler I would take my double stroller (which I agree does NOT work well in the mall!) and take a see through mesh bag (like the shopping bags they have at Old Navy, etc). Then I could carry my purchases in the mesh bag and it didn't look like I was stealing! Of course this doesn't work if you have lots to buy!

Target and Walmart also have those BIG carts that have seats in front. They are a pain to steer, but sometimes it is a necessary evil!

I have also been known to take the wagon to the grocery store when we just have a few items to get.

I am thankful mine are big enough now to sit in the back of the cart - I have to remind them to sit a lot, but they aren't SO little anymore that I am terrified. Plus, Ben likes to make towers with the food I put in there :)

Suzanne said...

Oh, I am SO glad I'm not the only obsessed with a strategy for leaving the house. I have only ventured to the mall with my double stroller (OMG - THANK YOU for pointing how the store aisles suck, by the way). I could never grasp how to pull the stroller and cart to run any other errands. My twins are only 6 months so I'm still in the car seat mode. Maybe one day....

Erin said...

Ah, something only a mom of twins has to worry about! When I go grocery shopping, I have to keep the boys in a stroller or they will try to climb out of the cart, even if they are strapped in. I have learned that the jogging stroller works so well for the stroller and shopping cart excursions. The jogging stroller is much more light weight and pushes more easily, and the one front-wheel allows for very easy steering. If you don't have a double jogger, you can buy one really cheaply on Craigslist for the sole purpose of grocery shopping!

Only problem -- double jogger does NOT work in the mall, it is too wide and makes it even more impossible to navigate stores (including K*hls) that have narrow aisles.

Debbie said...

I know that feeling all too well! And I always despised stores that weren't stroller friendly.

kristi said...

Gaaah...that sucks. Did you get all your shopping done??