Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Phillies & Biscuits

What better way to ring in the 2010 Phillies season home opener than with some teething biscuits? Mommy may have had a cosmo, but the boys has biscuits. How on earth do I prevent bits of food from covering every inch of their high chairs? I'm convinced that the boys need something akin to the cape-type thing that you wear when you get a haircut.

Don't you love Luke's fashionable transformation? He will now remain clean while he eats! Seriously, would I be crazy to buy two of these things?

They may be messy little guys, but I LOVE it!!!!


Eclipsed said...

Teething biscuits are crazy messy. I find the Beech Nut ones aren't as yucky as the Gerber ones. Such cute boys.

Mindy said...

Yes, teething biscuits are great! Have you tried that little mesh holder for fruit? I think you can get them at Target. They're awesome! You can put apple slices, pear slices, cantoloupe, ice cubes - anything - and they only suck the juice, not the membrane! They're excellent for teething. I've also seen bibs that they put through their arms and over their head. Kinda like a shirt, but it flaps. I may need to one some of those for my boys at Babies-R-Us, since they pull a normal one off now. In the time being, I strip them down to their diaper when eating something messy! It's a LOT easier!! :) You're doing such a great job with those boys!

sadie607 said...

I hear you on the mess while eating. We just recently bought some bibs from Ikea. They have sleeves and they cover everything so they remain much cleaner. They were really cheap too. We got two of them for a couple of dollars and it's worked out well. (It's way better than stripping them to their diapers which is what I was doing before).

t.bird said...

oh Lordy- the messiest food in the worl!!! ha!

and check out Baggino.com. i've got 2 of their bibs & they're awesome. covers everything!

Leigh said...

Biscuits = VERY MESSY

I also want those capes - I don't think they make them here in SA (we don't have IKEA).

Open Roads Mama said...

ah, tell me about it, it gets messy here too! the crumbs and bits of food are all over my guy, the high chair and the floor, how does he do it?

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

Ahhh i had a love/hate relationship with those biter biscuits. I loved them because the boys loved them but hated how messy they would get.
Thats funny about the cape.
I often wonder the same thing but my boys are super messy too when they eat.