Monday, April 5, 2010

Our First Easter

Yesterday, we celebrated our first Easter as a family and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful and perfect day. On Saturday, Aunt Christa came down from NYC to spend the night with us. The boys had lots of fun playing with her!

We woke on Sunday morning and the Easter Bunny left a surprise for the boys!
Luke was in awe of the Easter basket. He must have looked at it for 5 minutes before digging in!
Nolan was very interested in the plastic eggs
Forget the toys, tags are what I love!
After opening our baskets, it was time to take a bath & get our Easter outfits on.
Aunt Christa & Luke
All wrapped up!
We're on our way to Mom Mom & Poppy's house for brunch!!
After a delicious brunch, the boys got to enjoy their Mom Mom, Poppy & Aunt Amelia.
Nolan was really into exploring the living room - so much to see!
Poppy & Nolan wearing his new hat!
Mom Mom wasn't feeling well, but she still made us a yummy breakfast & got on the floor to play with her favorite little men!

In the afternoon, we headed down to Grammy & Grandpop's house for some kielbasa & ham.
Trying to get both boys to look at the camera, let alone smile, is next to impossible.
This grass stuff is pretty cool.

We were so busy chasing around after Luke & Nolan that the four of us never posed for a family photo!
That's probably a good thing since I was wearing my little sister's shorts because it was so hot outside!!

Who is this little person?
(my brother is crouched down holding Jake up!)
Uncle Jon & Jake

We had a very fun Easter Sunday!


Cassie said...

Oh my goodness, they look so adorable in their little Easter outfits! It looks like they really enjoyed getting into those baskets too!

Lisa said...

awww love all the pics!

Meant to be a mom said...

Hah, I love the picture of the boys staring at the baby. So cute. I'm glad they had a good Easter.

Molly said...

So very cute! Love the sink baths.

Alison said...

They look so cute in their little Easter outfits!

Ange said...

These picture are sooo great!!! I love their little outfits - glad you guys had such a great day!

Chloe loves to chew on tags too! Sometimes I have to give her the piece of clothing I'm planning to buy when we're shopping to keep her quiet!

Leigh said...

They are ADORABLE in their big boy clothes!

My word - the cuteness abounds :)

Kelly said...

Adorable pictures! Looks like fun had by all! I LOVE their Easter outfits!!
I can't believe how big they are getting!

Heather said...

eep, Those bunny ears are the cutest! Looks like a great day. Wasn't it beautiful?

Mitzi G.!! said...

Holy Cuteness.........the way they are looking at the baby is priceless!!