Friday, April 23, 2010

10 Months Old

Dear Nolan & Luke,

You are both 10 months old now. 10 months! That's double digits, guys and it's a very big deal to your momma. It means that the one year mark is quickly approaching and I need to preserve these moments where you're still considered 'babies.' In all fairness, you'll both be twenty, and I'll still consider you my 'babies!'

The past month has been very big for both of you, developmentally-wise. It was definitely a month of "firsts."

  • You started to crawl this past month. You are the quickest little guy & you're certainly making up for lost exploration time.
  • Cruising is one of your favorite past-times. As I speak, you're cruising the dining room furniture.
  • Today you started to clap your hands and it really took me by surprise!
  • You are a very independent little man.
  • You find your way into every corner. You've even managed to open the kitchen pantry and closet. There are so many fun things for you to play with in there!
  • You're obsessed with the vacuum. You especially like when I take off the attachment & use it to suck on your shirt & fingers - so fun!
  • You want to eat everything: food & non-food.
  • You're still loving Tank! I can't wait until the day where you're actually quicker than he is!
  • You took your first steps this month! It really surprised me, but I should have been prepared because Grammy told me you were doing it!
  • You started clapping your hands a couple of weeks ago.
  • You shake your head when we say "no, no, no." You also shake your head when you're finished eating.
  • When you're riding in the wagon, you like to lean over and run your hands along the wheels as we're moving.
  • You started sleeping wonderfully through the night.

I took your monthly pictures in your chair the other day. Look at how big you're getting!!! It was just a short while ago that you were both leaning your heads on the arm rest! Now look at you!!!! Trying to get the both of you to sit on the chair, let alone look at the camera is a chore! After about 10 seconds, someone is yanking on his brother's shirt or standing on the chair. But mommy has found a way to get both of your attention. Even if it's just for one minute...
I'll do whatever I can! P.S. You LOVE this talking horse!

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Mitzi G.!! said...

I can't believe how big they are getting......times sure does seem to be flying by!!

Meant to be a mom said...

They are getting so big. I can't believe it. But let me just say that they are really really cute little boys. Happy 10 months boys :)

Sarah said...

They are getting so big! Happy 10 months boys!

Kelly said...

Adorable as always!! They are getting so big and looking like handsome little men! ;)
Did you draw for the slow cooker yet?! :)