Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's New?

I use my blog as a diary of our life. I use it to track new milestones the boys reach as well as to keep a record of our quickly-passing days together. You can ask any of my friends, I have a terrible memory and this is such a great way for me to get it all out -- with pictures!

My mom must say to me once a week or so, "So and so is doing something so cute, you need to write it down!" By "writing it down" she means to put it in my blog so that I can remember these passing little moments.

Well, here is my weekly update:

Luke pulled himself up on Friday. He only did it once, but I saw him do it and gave him SO much praise! He is a very strong stander, he just hadn't ever pulled himself up before.

Luke has been humming while he eats his food; not the bottles, just solids. It's the sweetest thing.

Nolan has been doing this for a while, but I never "wrote it down:" he can sit up by himself after laying down. He can hold onto things with one hand and is very sturdy. He has NO FEAR when it comes to exploring. We have to put the dog's food on the counter when he's in the kitchen because he's always playing with it. He's also climbing our 2 little steps in the living room. He's moved up to size 4 diapers, but Luke still fits comfortably in size 3's.

Nolan absolutely loves Luke. He wants to play with him all of the time. Luke picks and chooses when he wants to be played with. There are times where Luke is happily playing on the floor and Nolan will come over & Luke screams. Then there are other times, where he can't get enough of him.

Luke & Nolan happily playing together
The paci is clipped to Luke's shirt, but Nolan wants anything Luke "has"
Guess who they're smiling at? Daddy, of course!
Luke looks so serious!

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Meant to be a mom said...

Your boys are so fun. I love all the little details about how they are alike but so different at the same time.

I'm like you, I have a really bad memory. I started my blog as a place to find support for my infertility but now like you its turned out to be a great journal of our special weekends and moments. And all the big steps that Cooper takes in his life.

And its fun for all of us mama's to see whats going on with our bloggy friends kids too. =)

Mitzi G.!! said...

Awww...they look so happy playing together!!