Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oprah's No Phone Zone Pledge

We have all seen it happen: you're driving along happily in your car, singing to yourself or to your children and suddenly, another driver swerves dangerously close to your car, you are cut-off, or you're possibly bumped from behind. You take a look into the other driver's car and you notice that he or she is talking on their cell phone; or worse: they're texting.

This absolutely infuriates me.

I have become incredibly protective of my little cubs, just like the majority of other mothers in the world. I want nothing more than to keep them safe and happy. The possibility that they could be hurt by another person's irresponsibility is just astonishing to me.

Oprah has taken notice of this trend and, like so many other Americans, is appalled by the fact that people are dying because of the fact that someone can't wait until they have reached their destination to text someone back or because they needed to dig through their purse because they must grab their cell phone. She has started the No Phone Zone revolution!

This doesn't mean that you can't have your phone in your car -- they are absolutely essential in emergencies! By taking the No Phone Zone pledge, you promise not to do one of the following:
  1. Text while driving
  2. Text while driving & you will only use a hands-free device for calls
  3. Not use your cell at all while driving

I've signed the pledge, will you? Sign Oprah's No Phone Zone Pledge


Jennifer said...

While I don't text while driving, I have been guilty of talking on the phone. After watching this episode and crying through most of it, I decided not to anymore. I also made my husband watch it with me. He is in sales so he drives around going to his clients all day and I know for a fact he used to text. After watching this show, he promised me he would not do it anymore.
Thanks for posting this on your blog.

Meant to be a mom said...

I am like you. It upsets me when crazy drivers start texting or talking on the phone and my sweet and tiny man is sitting in the back seat. One small mistake, one small wrong move from those people could result in a horrible accident. Its so scary. I'm with you, We need to not do that or get a wireless headset.

Mrs. Hesson said...
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Mrs. Hesson said...

The Oprah Pledge sounds like a fabulous idea! I think everybody should partake in this. The frightening thing is it will be a big-time challenge for most drivers. I have been guilty of looking down at my phone while driving or reading a text that I thought was "important" but I know it's very dangerous. My mom won't call or text if she knows I am driving, as to not distract me. I think they are working on making it illegal (as it is in most school zones near my house). Your babies are precious!

The Domestic Princess said...

Oh it makes me so angry too! Good for you! Stopping by from FF!