Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't Take My Toys

Our toy situation is starting to get a little out-of-hand. My house looks like all of the primary colors decided that they wanted to plant themselves everywhere. We all know how fast babies outgrow their clothing, but they also outgrow toys pretty quickly too, so it was time for me to do some spring cleaning.

I went through their toy box and their toy basket and there were things in there that hadn't even been opened, so I decided to put them away for any future brother or sister. My little men had a great time playing with everything that was laying all over the floor & I feel a sense of accomplishment - success!


Open Roads Mama said...

I just did that too! And took a pile of toys he played with less often to grandparents', now when he goes there, it's like a new playground for him, he's so excited to see these old toys again. :) The toys do pile up quickly though, I totally hear you!!!

Leigh said...

Okay, I'm not being facetious but is that the AFTER? :)

I need to post pics of our toys - you're going to think they're SOOO deprived LOL

P.S> I love that brown basket!!!