Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowmageddon continued

Good news: Justin is currently flying home!!

I mentioned in my previous post that the boys & I have spent the week holed up at my mom's house who lives about 20 minutes away from me.
Philadelphia is made up of hundreds of little neighborhoods. Despite the fact that it's a huge city, living in one of these neighborhoods can make you feel like you live in Small Town, USA, where everyone knows your name and your entire family history. Sometimes, it's a great feeling to be surrounded by so many familiar faces, other times, it's just exhausting.

I moved out of this neighborhood when I was 23 and I moved to a section of the city that was a complete mystery to me. I knew just a few people there, but had grown to love the area just from visiting them. Justin & I decided that it was the perfect place to start our life together.

Now, one thing I have to admit, when it snows -- there's nothing like being in Bridesburg, which is where I grew up. Practically my entire family still lives there, so when the snow starts to fall, everyone walks over to my mom's house and we eat, talk, drink and sometimes play in the snow. I remember being young and when my cousin still lived here before moving to New Hampshire, we would hop on the quads and drive through the streets -- such a great time! Sledding was just as much fun and we had quite a few hills there that were fun to ride.

This was Luke & Nolan's first snow storm in my old neighborhood. There weren't too many people out when mom & I took them outside, but it was fun nonetheless!

My mom didn't have any baby sleds that had sides, so we improvised! Put the baby in a laundry basket & use the dog's leash to pull him!They had loads of fun!!!



Kendra said...

OH MY GOSH. That is so stinking adorable.!!!

Lisa said...

lol at them being pulled around in a laundry basket! works!

Alison said...

That is just adorable!

Sarah said...

LOL! Love it!!!

Heather said...

Look at those cheeks! Adorable!

Meant to be a mom said...

What a perfect little sled. They are adorable.

Dee said...

LOL! They are too cute...looks like a good time to me!