Thursday, February 4, 2010

cargo boxes & parking garages don't mix

Embarrassing things happen to me all.the.time. I'm not kidding. Flock of birds attacking me for my pizza? check! Forgetting to wear my skirt to catholic school one day? check. I'm not kidding. Things happen a lot.

My parents were nice to us this Christmas and gave Justin & I one of those cargo boxes for extra storage for road trips. You know the things...they look like a large coffin on top of your truck, but they have lots of room in them for bags, skis, pack n' plays and whatnot?We used the cargo box for our trip to Vermont, but when we returned home from our trip, we neglected to take the thing off because it was raining, we were busy and we just didn't think about it. Okay, this is where my story begins.

My alarm goes off at 5:15 a.m. "Justin, wake up! Did you wake up with the babies at all last night? No? They slept the entire night?! Excellent! Now you can go back to bed."

What a great way to start the day! I got ready for work, hopped in my truck and took off for my commute into downtown Philadelphia.

My truck.
You can imagine how high this thing is, now add a cargo box to the mix.
It's enormous.

Now, we've all been in parking garages. They have very low clearance, but my parking garage has the added bonus of of having exposed piping. Much like the one below. Fun times.

So, I'm singing along to the radio, I pull underground, hit the button to retrieve my ticket, the mechanical arm lifts up, I pull forward and I hear this god-awful noise emanating from outside of my truck. "Seriously," I said to myself. "did I just run something over?" I pull forward a little more and the sound is getting worse so I open my door, lean out to peek under my truck. Nothing. Then I look up and that's when I realize that I pulled into the freaking parking garage with this cargo box on top of my huge truck and now I'm stuck under the mechanical arm. Lovely.

There is now traffic building up behind me, so I can't exactly back up and NOT go into the parking garage. I pull forward slowly. "Please don't break the mechanical arm. I don't need the City of Philadelphia sending me a bill for the repairs. I can't believe this is happening!"

I only have about 20 feet to get to a parking spot. What damage can I possibly do in 20 feet? Hundreds of dollars worth of damage, that's what.

I proceeded to drive and the cargo coffin hit every blessed pipe and light on the way to the spot. I tried to navigate around these pipes, but it was nearly impossible. A man drove past me shaking his head in disgust at my forgetfulness.

"Ummmm, get over yourself buddy with your Mercedes!! Like you've never made a mistake before?!?!" is what I shouted back at him. Because I am very classy.

I sat in my truck and wondered how the hell I forgot about this thing? I called Justin. That was fun. "Sweetie, you're going to need to drive (like an hour out of your way) into the city to help me get the cargo box off of my car. I sorta drove into the parking garage with it and..." You get the picture.

He came to my rescue & removed the box (he had the key to open it on his keychain) and assessed the damage. I broke the truck's roof rack. Nice! I also put a hole in the $400 cargo box. Delightful!!

So, now every time I drive into the parking garage, like this morning, I cringe, stop for a brief second and assure myself that there isn't anything attached to the truck before I hit the ticket button. Luckily, Justin was able to repair the cargo box (he's so handy!!) and we ordered the parts for a new roof rack.

Just a day in the life..


Meant to be a mom said...

Oh no! I'm sorry that happened to you but I have to say this story made me laugh. Especially you yelling at the guy "because your classy". So funny!
Bummer though.

Melinda said...

This story reminds me of my DH. He did the same thing with his car and his bike. Yep forgot he had his bike on top of his car and went under one of the things that tells you "low clearance". Yep bike went flying off the car. He ruined his roof rack and did quite a number on his bike and puts dents on top of his car. Fun stuff. So you aren't the only one! =)

melissa78 said...

UMM WHY is it that I am heaing this freaking story on your blog!!! OMG Chica!! I LOVE YOU

Jennifer said...

Hey Melinda, I'm glad I'm not alone although I am very sorry to hear that your DH did some damage to his car & bike!

Love you too chica!! Only me...

Call me later. xo

Michelle said...

oh no! That stinks. Thank goodness for handy husbands!

Stopping by from SITS.

sadie607 said...

Oh no! That sucks and is totally something that I would do. Awkward moments seem to follow me around as well. (And did you really yell at the guy? That's hilarious and awesome).

Alison said...

Oh my gosh that's probably my worst nightmare! Poor you!!!

Kristin said...

OMG imso sorry but this is freaking funny thanks so much for giving me a story to laugh at today thats great and probly something I would have done hehe I have a question for you do you have any tips on the products you had and loved with your twins and could not live without. Im having twins and have no clue what to get any sugg would be awsome.. Thanks my blog is

Joann Mannix said...

Oh my Lawdy! The same thing happened to me a few years back except I was pulling into my own garage! I only had neighbors' hysterical laughter to contend with. I can't imagine a public garage! We also didn't latch the carrier properly one time and when I say "We" I mean my husband. Our belongings went flying down the interstate. Good times.

So glad I stopped by. Your babies are beautiful. I've been visiting around from SITS. Your blog is great. I'm putting you on my blogroll. Happy SITS Saturday.

Here's a little something of mine, if you're interested. ://

Shelle said...

Oh no! Glad your hubby was able to come save the day and also fix the cargo box!
Your boys are so cute! I was checking out your snow photos. We are from PA as well (Harrisburg area)

Hope you are having a great weekend! Happy SITS Saturday!