Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sippys, Sitting, Smiles & Sleep

There have been lots of new developments with boys and some things that just won't change.

1. We've introducedthe sippy cup! Really, they just like to chew on the mouthpiece, but it's at least getting them used to holding the cup. When I am drinking from a glass of water, Luke leans in towards it like he wants to drink too -- so cute!

Nolan & his cup
It's much easier to get some water when you hold it for me, mommy!I'm getting to be such a big boy!
2. They are really starting to become aware of one another. I like to sit them on the floor facing each other and they smile and laugh and 'talk'. These are the happiest moments of my day and I can't get enough of it!
We love to play with toys!
Luke was so happy when he was talking to Nolan!My happy little Luke. Notice Nolan's hand reaching out to touch his brother!
3. Luke has moved onto Stage 2 foods, but Nolan is still on Stage 1. He literally does not want to eat from a spoon. We're lucky if we manage to get him to eat a half jar of pears (which is the only thing he likes). Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm willing to try anything!
4. Nolan has been getting onto all fours, but very briefly. My mom has witnessed this a few times while she's been watching him, but I've only caught him once. Luke uses his upper body to move himself backwards along the floor. Baby-proofing needs to happen very soon!
5. They notice when you aren't in eye sight. If I walk out of the room, the crying begins!
6. Luke LOVES dogs!! When our dog, Tank sits in front of him or kisses him, he gets the happiest smile and he laughs. We were visiting family last week who have 2 Jack Russell Terriers. One of them was barking near Luke and he cracked up! I wish I got it on video!!
7. For the past two nights, Nolan has been sleeping in a Pack n Play in the guest bedroom. I'm toying with the idea of moving his crib in there. We're trying a light CIO method with him when he wakes at night (which is usually 3 or 4 times). We put him in the guest room because I want Luke to get a good night's rest. We're grasping at straws here! It's so frustrating being up for hours on end with him at night. He goes down for naps in his crib during the day like a champ, but once the nighttime hits, all bets are off!
They're getting to be so much fun! We're past the brand-new-baby stage and they're responding to our smiles and voices.
We are so in love with these little guys!


Sarah said...

Too cute!! Landon and Jalen LOVES watching our dogs play too. They just crack up laughing when they are running around the house or playing. With the fruit, have you tried mixing it with oatmeal? My friend who had a problem trying to feed veggies and fruits to her LO only ate it if it was mixed with oatmeal.

Meant to be a mom said...

Check them out sitting up so good. They are growing up so nicely and they are just adorable.

Also your nephew is just precious Congratulations!

Heather said...

I love the picture of them in their Eagles shirts. Such a great photo!

Way to go on the sippy cups.

Mitzi G.!! said...

Sippy cups already.....that is just amazing!! They are so cute & I love the picture of them talking & looking at each other!!

Kelly said...

Go to Target in the baby section and get the 'Boon". It is a spoon that holds the food and makes feeding solids MUCH easier.
It is such a great invention!