Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Reflection and pictures!

As we are rounding out the year 2009, I took a look back through my blog just to see where I was at this point last year: I had just heard my babies' heartbeats for the first time. Incredible! Now, I get to feel their little hearts beat every day. I get to rub my cheek against their soft hair and kiss their pudgy thighs and feet. I truly feel blessed for the incredible memories and happiness that 2009 has brought.

January 2009
I can't believe I actually thought I was 'big' here. This is nothing!

February 2009

Nolan waving 'hello'

Luke sucking his thumb

March 2009

April 2009


Mother's Day at the Phillies game

My last picture as a pregnant woman!

My little angels arrive on June 22nd


I could still fit both of them in my arms back then!

The boys' first trip to the beach at 2 1/2 months




My hopes & aspirations for for 2010

A healthy year for my family

A better organized house - since having kids, all organization has gone out the window!

Taking a walk with my boys every morning that I am not working (in the spring)

Eating healthier for myself

Devote some of my spare time (not that there is all that much spare time) to reading (I haven't picked up a non-baby book since May!)

I hope that you and your family have a happy and healthy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It all started with a runny nose...

It has been almost two weeks and I'm still not entirely over this cold, which is very unusual for me. The dry cough and stuffy nose is still lingering, but thankfully Luke and Nolan are back to normal.

When Nolan started with his runny nose, I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. The day after he started to get sick, Justin left for Charlotte, NC for work. My mom had already made plans to sleep over on the nights he was away because it was easier for her to wake up with the boys on the days that I had work rather than driving to our house at 6 a.m. I am so happy she was there because Nolan needed to be held constantly and he slept easier when he was elevated, so he spent 5 nights sleeping on my chest. Since I was so busy with Nolan, my mom entertained Luke.

One night, while Nolan was resting on me and Mom Mom was helping with Luke, we noticed that Luke started to get unusually cranky. That's when we noticed the stuffy nose and warm head. Lovely. Now I had two sick babies. Poor Luke must have had a sore throat because every time he coughed, he cried. It just about broke my heart.

Luke wasn't really comforted sleeping on my chest like Nolan was so he spent his nights in his carseat beside my bed. I was up every hour either rocking the carseat, sucking boogies out with the aspirator, taking temps, giving Tylen0l, or just comforting a miserable baby. I think we handled it well until we became sick ourselves. That's when the fun began. Nolan started to feel better, but still had a runny nose and cough while Justin, Luke & I were nursing our colds. I couldn't take anything that made me drowsy because I didn't want to feel groggy while caring for the boys. I made the mistake of drinking some Alka_Seltzer and just about passed out. I was not a happy camper. Meanwhile, Nolan wanted to play because he had some renewed energy, but Luke was coughing and projectile vomiting.
Looking back, it was quite funny. I'm just kidding.

I PRAY that this doesn't happen again this winter. I know that the odds are against us and I'm lucky that the boys made it to 5 1/2 months before getting a cold, but man was that a tiring two weeks!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

6 Month Pictures


Santa was here?!?!
Our first Christmas as a family of four has come and gone. The presents have been opened and all of the egg nog has been drunk. So much preparation went into our Christmas party and it ended so quickly!

On Christmas Eve, the four of us visited our friends around the corner. We didn't want to venture too far from home because I wanted the boys to be on or as close as possible to their normal sleeping schedule. We were all in bed by 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve because we still weren't fully-recovered from our colds.

At 5 a.m. on Christmas morning, Luke awoke and was ready to start his day. Justin being the awesome husband that he is took Luke downstairs so that I could get an extra couple of hours of sleep -- love him!

When we were all awake we sat around and opened the presents that Santa left for us all under our Christmas tree. Luke and Nolan received lots of books and toys. Out of everything received that day, Luke liked the wrapping paper best and Nolan loved the rubbery-squishy blocks. He's still teething so he found them easy to hold and chew!
The day was hectic, but it was such a blessing to have our sweet boys and our families together.
Mom Mom & Poppy

Grammy & Pop

Our little family

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy 6 Months, Boys!

Yesterday, the boys are 6 months old! I had to re-schedule their 6 month well visit with the pedi until next week because we were all sick. The last time I had Nolan at the doctors he weighed 18 lbs! He hasn't been eating as much though because he's been sick, so we'll see how he does next Tuesday.

I don't have any 6 month pictures yet as I have work today and Luke isn't feeling well yet.

Maybe I'll try for a pic tonight.

Here are some 6 month milestones though:

About a month ago I wrote about our swaddling woes and I'm happy to announce that both Luke & Nolan are swaddle-free!

Nolan is a rolling champion! He goes from one end of the living room to the other. If he sees something he wants (like my laptop's power cord) he'll make his way over to get it.

Both boys have found their feet and love playing with them! They also really like when I take their toes and make them touch their nose -- they get such a kick out of it!

We work with the boys every day on sitting up unassisted. Luke can go for about 3-5 minutes before he topples over, but Nolan falls quicker. I build a pillow fortress around him so he doesn't hurt himself.

Both boys chew on EVERYTHING they can get their hands on. There have been times where I'll have one on my lap and I'm singing to him and he'll lean forward and chew on my chin. I love it so I don't stop them from doing it!

Luke is eating at least two meals a day on top of his bottles. He has cereal & fruit for breakfast, either fruit or veggies for lunch and a veggie for dinner. This is all in conjunction with his bottle. He hasn't been eating his bottles very well for the past 6 days, but I'm chalking that up to his cold.

Nolan only likes pears, but he picks and chooses when he wants to eat them. Last night, while we were eating dinner, we fed him some mashed potatoes and he couldn't get enough! It was hysterical. I guess I'll start making him mashed potatoes since it's one of the only things he'll eat.

Christmas is in 2 days and while I'm caught up in the rush, I am also extremely grateful that I have my arms full this year. They are such a blessing.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First Snowfall

We awoke very early on Saturday morning because the boys were sick. Justin and I were sick too and could have slept the day away, but now that we have little ones to care for, long gone are the days where we lay in bed until our hearts content. When we looked out the window, the snow was falling and we had a few inches of fresh, powdery snow on the ground. I love it!!

The babies and I spent the morning in our pajamas while Justin began shoveling despite his cold. After he was finished, the four of us lounged around all day long while the boys took little naps. Luke can't sleep for very long (even during the night) because he'll begin coughing and wake himself up. Poor little angel. It just breaks my heart to see their sick faces. They look so sad. He's also been coughing so hard that he vomits. Not just spit-up, but projectile vomiting. When he starts to cough hard, I grab him and head into the dining room on the wood floors, making the clean-up much easier.

On Sunday morning, Nolan was feeling much better, so I put him in his snow suit and he was outside for all of 15 seconds while I snapped a few pictures of him and his daddy, who spent two and a half hours shoveling our driveway and walkways. Luke was still too sick to go outside, so I put him in his chair in the window so he could see what was happening outside. Look at his sick little face :(
Now that Nolan is feeling better, he wants to be held constantly because he was held the entire time he was sick. We have family coming over on Christmas day so there is LOTS to do and it proves hard when he cries to be picked up every few minutes.
In other news, I got my new DSLR camera. I haven't figured out how to use the thing properly yet, so I've been using it on the 'auto' setting, but it takes very nice pictures! The pic of Luke in the window and Nolan on my lap is with the new camera. I can't wait to read the booklet and find out how to use all of its settings!
I hope you all had a nice weekend!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas in New York -- Mommy & Daddy Weekend!!!

I started this post like 3 days ago and just got around to finishing it!

Two weekends ago -- before the 'Great Illness of 2009' -- Justin & I went to NYC for our annual Christmas weekend. For the past few years, we've been going up in December to meet up with friends for a show, dinner, drinks and fun. This year we drove up instead of taking the train, and we stayed with my sister-in-law, Christa in her beautiful apartment in Battery Park.

We took a chilly, but fun tour of her neighborhood, the financial district and the South Street Seaport.

At the Seaport -- Brooklyn Bridge in the background

Later in the day we went to see Cirque du Soleil's Wintuck before heading to dinner.

The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center Finally!! Dinner and drinks at Tao with awesome friends.

Justin & Christa - so cute!

Luke & Nolan spent the weekend at Mom Mom & Poppy's house where they were spoiled rotten with hugs and kisses. Poppy surely did his funny Daffy Duck voice for the boys, which they love!
When we returned home on Sunday, Nolan was a little stuffy. Little did we know that he would be passing along a horrible cold to everyone! I'm thinking he got the cold from the pedi's office because I had him there earlier in the week. Who knows?
It was a fun weekend though and I'm so happy we were able to go this year!