Thursday, February 26, 2009

"you've gained how much?"

Apparently I need to lay off the shamrock shakes...

I had my monthly appointment with my OB this past Monday where they check my blood pressure, urine, babies' heartbeats and my weight. Everything checked out okay so far except for the fact that I gained 10 pounds this past month. Now, I thought this was a bit much but figured "hey, I'm carrying twins, it can't be all that bad." Then it was time for me to meet with my doctor and she asked me what I was eating. I looked over at Justin and he, of course, had smirk on his face and informed her that I eat "everything." I gave her a run-down of what I've been doing and she advised that I lay off the fast food and try eating salads with veggies and baked chicken for dinner because she'd ideally like to see me gain around 6 pounds a month -- not 10. For the record, I don't just eat fast food -- I do eat actual meals, but I am eating nuggets, fries and shakes much more often than I ever did before.
I've never been what one would call a "healthy" eater. Sure, I enjoy vegetables and salads and whatnot, but I also LOVE cakes, cookies and ice cream and have never really denied myself any of the things I enjoy eating -- I just ate them in moderation. The problem with me, for the past month, has been that I've been overdoing it. The dinners that I used to cook at home have turned into a quick drive-thru at Wendy's and Taco Bell because I'm so hungry come 5 p.m. that I don't want to spend the half hour it would take to prepare a much healthier meal. So, after my visit with the OB, I made myself a goal for this month: I will not be hitting the drive thru for anything. My dinners will be made at home -- even if I do make my own tacos, they'll be far better for me and the babies than eating Taco Bell. If I do gain another 10 pounds in a month, it'll be because my babies are growing nice and strong, not because I've been eating too much Entenmann's cheese cake danish.

If you have any healthy (and most importantly, quick) dinner ideas, please feel free to share -- I'm open to suggestions!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday was the kickoff to week 19! I'm almost at the half way mark! I'm feeling the babies move around in my belly so much more now than I was before. Last night, Justin and I were watching a movie when the babies started really squirming. He came over to me and put his hand on my belly right where I was feeling the movement. It took about 30 seconds, but he felt the babies kicking too!! What an awesome moment for the two of us!

Here are the 19 week belly pictures. The first one is what I see when I look down towards my feet. I can't see them unless I bend forward!
We had a really fun weekend! On Friday night, we had some friends over for dinner and dessert. On Saturday morning I went to visit my friend Janeen and her baby, Gabriella who was born on February 1st. She was SO tiny and adorable! That night we went to Justin's cousin's 40th surprise party and on Sunday morning we did our "usual" and met Mom and Poppa V for breakfast (which I look forward to every weekend)!

Here's this week's food comparison: mangoes!

I have an OB appointment this afternoon and I have quite a few questions for the doctor. Topping the list of questions, is my concern about the perinatologist. Last week I scheduled 2 classes with the hospital: infant care and breastfeeding. I can also take a C-Section class or Birthing Class, but I want to speak with my OB before deciding which to take since the classes are $105 a piece.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

Almost every year, by the end of January, I'm ready for warm weather and less bulky clothing. Living in Philly will do that to you. We don't have beautiful snowy winters like they do in Colorado; we get gray skies, gray grass and when we do get a snowfall, that too, turns gray very quickly. What usually perks me up around the end of January is the knowledge that shamrock shakes are just around the corner. It sounds crazy, but every year I look forward to those thick, delicious, minty shakes from McDonald's.

This year, my best friend, Melissa and I went to McD's in mid-January looking for shamrock shakes. Talk about jumping the gun!! The nice voice behind the drive-through politely informed me that they won't be making the shakes until February. Now, deep down, I think we knew that, but I guess we figured it couldn't hurt to try.

I called Justin while driving home from work on Tuesday and informed him that I was going to swing by McD's and get myself a shake. He laughed at me and said "knock yourself out." It was immensely satisfying and I'm going to try and squeeze as many in as I can for the next month and a half (without going overboard). If you've never had one, I recommend giving them a try. There aren't too many things on the menu that I get from the 'House of Ronald', but this one tops that very short list. Cheers!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

18 Weeks

Justin came home Friday night after being away for work for the week. He got home at 11:30 p.m. and it’s a small miracle that I managed to stay awake that long to greet him. After he greeted me and the twins, he commented on how much bigger I’ve gotten in the span of a week. He isn’t lying – I’ve went through a nice growth spurt in those 5 days that he was gone!

We spent Valentines day doing our normal weekend routine – Justin went to work on the house that he’s renovating with my parents while I did a little food shopping for our V-Day dinner. When he came home later that night, we made crab imperial, rice and a salad and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban. This was our 11th V-Day together and I have to admit, I think it was quite possibly the best. We never really do anything special, but it was nice to be together…the four of us.

On Sunday, we watched a few episodes of ‘Moving Up’ then got to working on the nursery and spare bedroom. We basically just did a furniture switcheroo between the two rooms. The nursery is now empty except for some spare furniture and some odds and ends. I hope to order the cribs in a couple of weeks then start priming the walls for their new paint color. We also found an awesome area rug that I can’t wait to order! Things are moving so quickly – I can’t believe we technically started working on the nursery already!

I didn’t post a belly picture from 17 week, so here goes…it was taken just before we went out with family and friends for Poppa V’s birthday dinner at a hibachi grill – what a fun time that was!

Here’s Sunday’s obligatory belly shot at 18 weeks.

This week, the twins are the size of a sweet potato, blood vessels can be seen through their skin and their ears have reached their final destination even though they can’t hear my voice yet. Discovery Health says that they’ll be able to hear me speak to them at about 25 weeks. Right now they can hear the sound of my heartbeat and blood rushing through the umbilical cord.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

While the husband is away...

I don't realize how much I rely on Justin for entertainment during week nights until he's away on business and I'm home alone with Tank. Even if he and I spend our night sitting on the couch eating pizza and watching Harry Potter, it's very comforting to me just to have him there making comments about what we're watching or talking about what happened at work that day.

He's away on business this week, so it's just me and the dog. I usually don't mind the first night or two by myself because I can catch up on my DVR'd Oprah episodes or tackle the closet that I've been meaning to organize for a month, but the days after that seem to drag for me. This week, I planned on keeping myself busy with friends and family every night and it's actually making the week go by very quickly!

Last night was a lot of fun, Chica and I planned to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant for "our usual" then we were going to go do some baby clothes browsing. When I was trying to get pregnant and it wasn't working, I would avoid the baby section of the store like the plague. It made me MISERABLE when I had to walk past all of the adorable clothes and toys. I sometimes feel a little guilty for being so excited about buying blankets and booties…almost like it could be taken away from me at any moment.

I haven't purchased a single thing for my babies yet aside from the onesies I used to surprise Justin with the news of my pregnancy (and one of those onesies was definitely for a little girl). I think I'm too afraid to jinx anything. I know that sounds ridiculous to a lot of people, but I can't help that it's the way I feel. I have no idea when I think it will be okay for me to start.

Tonight my mom and I are going to look at baby gifts for my cousin-in-law's!! I saw an adorable "Irish Cutie" onesie for her baby yesterday that I'm tempted to go back and buy -- hopefully I'm not too late because there was only one left. Maybe, just maybe, I'll pick up something small for my little guys while I'm there.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

17 weeks

Justin and I went to Babies R Us on Friday night to register and we didn't realize how overwhelming the whole process could be! Which bottles do we choose? Do we really need two swings? Which baby carrier should we get? It seemed like the list was endless! BRU provided a "Baby Checklist" of items they suggest you register for, but it wasn't very helpful to us as we were trying to figure out how many items we needed for two babies. I went online and read a few articles that offered suggestions which I found very helpful, but it was still hard to decide. Thankfully, I think we did okay!

We spent our Sunday morning eating breakfast at our desk looking at baby nurseries online for some ideas. Since we picked out the baby bedding, we know which colors we plan on painting their exciting!

This week, the babies are roughly 5 inches long and they're starting to accumulate some fat. I don't know about you, but I LOVE chubby little baby legs...and their cartilage is starting to turn into bone. I've definitely been feeling some movement going on and it's the most amazing feeling in the world. I just wish I felt it more often.

Another thing that I wasn't prepared for: crazy dreams. I'll spare you the details, but I woke up last week in tears because I dreamt that Justin was having an affair with someone and tried to play it off like it was no big deal, so I went to my mom's house so that she could comfort me and she told me it was no big deal and that she had slept with him too! UM, disgusting. This dream came out of left field, but at least he and I got to joke about it in the morning. I really need to start writing these down in some sort of pregnant dream diary. *Sorry mom if you're reading about this on here, but it was too strange for me just to tell you about in person -- love you!!*

Monday, February 2, 2009

Big Ultrasound Day!

Today was our big appointment! We were scheduled to be seen at 2:30, so we arrived just a little bit early and were informed that there was a two hour wait to be seen...two hours! Crikies -- does this happen a lot?!? Justin and I looked at eachother, shrugged our shoulders and said "we'll wait around." How could we not? We were too excited.

Our moms waited in the L&D waiting room with us and we read baby magazines and talked about how we couldn't wait to see the little babies.

Finally, just a little after 4:00, the ultrasound technician called us back to our room. I leaped out of the chair like a crazy person because I was so excited! We went into the ultrasound room (all 7 of us...I'm including the ultrasound tech and twins) for the exam. As soon as she stuck the jelly and wand on my belly, my two beautiful little babies were there...facing eachother. My heart melted! I'm in love all over again!! I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen. She started out with Baby A who was moving around and flapping his/her little arms. Then it was time to move over to Baby B who was sucking his/her thumb...more heart melting ensued from the mom-to-be! I looked over at Justin and he was beaming -- such a great moment for us! It was also really amazing to see their hearts flicker so strongly on the screen.

After the tech was finished with the measurements, she asked if we wanted to know what she THINKS the babies' genders are. We all said "of course!" She said she's 70% sure that they're both boys!! Just 70% ?!?!?! She said that because of the way they were sitting and facing one another, she wasn't able to get a definitive read on the sex. Uhhhh, not what I wanted to hear, but I honestly didn't care because just seeing their little hearts beat and watching them move around was enough for me! I go for another ultrasound in 5 weeks, so I'll be 21 weeks at that point. I was debating on whether or not I should go have a 3D ultrasound done in 2 weeks just to be certain that they're both boys, but I'm still thinking about it...what do you think?! Would you have it done?

Here are a few pictures from the ultrasound:

Here's Baby A's Profile

Here is Baby A with his hand in front of his face!

Baby B sucking his thumb!

Here's this week's belly shot -- 16 weeks.

After the ultrasound, we met with the Perinatologist. What a weirdo. He sat in his chair with a gangsta lean and his hands behind his head and asked me how I got pregnant with twins. I told him I went to see a Reproductive Endocronologist and what eventually worked was Clomid + IUI+ Progesterone Supps. He then asked me if my RE was happy that I was having twins. How do I answer that!? I told him that she did make me aware that I could have multiples (I had 3 follicles) and that my chances of twins was only 8%. He then proceeded to tell me things I already know:

  1. "When you're pregnant with twins, your chances of early delivery are greater."

  2. "You have a greater chance of developing gestational diabetes."

  3. "You have a greater chance of developing pre-eclampsia."

Then he said that the twins are measuring just fine and I'm to come back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound. That was it. It took all of 4 minutes. I just nodded at him, thanked him and left.

Despite the doctor who told me absolutely nothing, it was a great visit and I can't wait until the next one!

Once we left the office, Justin started planning his little ice hockey team. He wants them to follow in his footsteps and NOTHING would make me happier than if they followed their father's incredible footsteps. My three men...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Moving Up

I've found a show on TLC that I'm loving -- "Moving Up." The show has been on for a while, but I never saw it before because I'm strictly an HGTV girl. The premise of Moving Up is that it follows three families as they sell their beloved homes to buy new ones. The kicker is that you are allowed to go back to your old home after it's been renovated to suit the new homeowner's taste. Will you like the changes that they made or will it upset you that they changed everything that you used to love about your home? I just love the concept!

After watching the show, I wonder what the people who used to own our house would think of the changes that we've made. The kitchen and dining room have been torn apart to combine the two rooms. We destroyed their newly refinished basement to make a larger media area and add a bathroom and office -- I bet they never would have expected that since they only refinished the room less than a year before they sold it to us.
How do you think the people who owned your house before you would feel about the changes that you've made?

Old Living Room

New Living Room (these pics are about 2 years old, so the decorating has changed a bit, but you get the idea)

Old Kitchen & Dining Room

New Kitchen

Old Basement

New Basement

Before we moved into our house, we lived in a duplex that we rented for 2 years and I honestly have no interest in ever going back there to see how the new renter has decorated! I was so happy to be out of that place and never want to look back. It's a shame because it's where Justin and I started our engaged and married life together, but it never felt like "home" to us.
Tomorrow is the Big Ultrasound Day and we're doing everything in our power to keep busy so the day goes by quickly!