Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I've been tagged!

My blog friend from Hanging with Mr. Cooper has tagged me as a TAM -- a Truly Authentic Mom, so I will play along and list the 5 things that I think make me 'authentic'.

1. As much as I whine about the lack of sleep, I absolutely love when I go into the nursery when Nolan is crying and he gives me that crooked, half-dazed, nighttime smile the minute he sees me. Melts my heart each and every time. Also, I am in love with their voices. Luke has this "ack, ack, ack" thing that he does and it cracks me up each and every time! He sounds like a miniature teradactyl. It's hysterical!

2. When my mom watches the boys during the week, I have her send me picture messages of the boys every day. I look forward to them! It never fails: when I'm in the middle of doing a long brief, I'll hear the familiar beeping from my cell and know that my daily picture has arrived! It makes everything worthwhile.

3. I let my babies roll around naked. They absolutely love it and I think it's the cutest thing. Their skin is so impossibly soft that I love to hug them when they're nakie!

4. I talk to the boys constantly. Even when it's just the three of us. I try to make everything sound exciting when I speak to them. "Mommy is changing your diaper and then we're going to get dressed" or "we're driving in the car, isn't this fun? let's go home and see daddy and Tank." It sounds ridiculous, but I think they like it!

5. I love to see Luke & Nolan interact with eachother. It's happening more frequently now! While they can't sit up and play, they do roll towards eachother and have staring contests. Sometimes I need to jump in when somebody grabs his brother's face, but overall it's exciting to see them learn about eachother.

I don't know if all of that is 'authentic' but I tried my best!

Now that I'm through, I need to tag 5 other moms who I think are TAMs!

Erin -- Sammy & Benny's mom

Laura -- Cameron's momma

Sarah -- Jalen & Landon's mom

Suzanne -- Christopher & Kendall's mom

Mitzi -- Brayden's mom


Meant to be a mom said...

Cute, I love the ack noise you mentioned. That sounds hilarious.
I also love that you say everything in an excited voice. I do the same thing and I find myself laughing at the way I say things.
Your a good momma to Luke and Nolan. I bet they just love you to pieces.

Carrie said...

Hi. Found you through Laura's blog. Adorable babies! Nice list. I agree on "nakie" babies. So soft & cuddly! So sweet on the pics from Gma.