Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy 6 Months, Boys!

Yesterday, the boys are 6 months old! I had to re-schedule their 6 month well visit with the pedi until next week because we were all sick. The last time I had Nolan at the doctors he weighed 18 lbs! He hasn't been eating as much though because he's been sick, so we'll see how he does next Tuesday.

I don't have any 6 month pictures yet as I have work today and Luke isn't feeling well yet.

Maybe I'll try for a pic tonight.

Here are some 6 month milestones though:

About a month ago I wrote about our swaddling woes and I'm happy to announce that both Luke & Nolan are swaddle-free!

Nolan is a rolling champion! He goes from one end of the living room to the other. If he sees something he wants (like my laptop's power cord) he'll make his way over to get it.

Both boys have found their feet and love playing with them! They also really like when I take their toes and make them touch their nose -- they get such a kick out of it!

We work with the boys every day on sitting up unassisted. Luke can go for about 3-5 minutes before he topples over, but Nolan falls quicker. I build a pillow fortress around him so he doesn't hurt himself.

Both boys chew on EVERYTHING they can get their hands on. There have been times where I'll have one on my lap and I'm singing to him and he'll lean forward and chew on my chin. I love it so I don't stop them from doing it!

Luke is eating at least two meals a day on top of his bottles. He has cereal & fruit for breakfast, either fruit or veggies for lunch and a veggie for dinner. This is all in conjunction with his bottle. He hasn't been eating his bottles very well for the past 6 days, but I'm chalking that up to his cold.

Nolan only likes pears, but he picks and chooses when he wants to eat them. Last night, while we were eating dinner, we fed him some mashed potatoes and he couldn't get enough! It was hysterical. I guess I'll start making him mashed potatoes since it's one of the only things he'll eat.

Christmas is in 2 days and while I'm caught up in the rush, I am also extremely grateful that I have my arms full this year. They are such a blessing.


Meant to be a mom said...

I can't believe they are 6 months old already. WOW!
It sounds like they are busy boys like they should be. Its so neat to see and hear how they change and grow each month.
I hope you guys enjoy your first Christmas together as a family of 4. :)