Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wrapping Up

A short while back, I posted that I thought Nolan may be going through the Four Month Wakeful period. It just so happened that I stopped swaddling him (cold-turkey!) at the same time he turned 4 months, so I wasn't sure what was the cause of his middle-of-the-night happy sessions in his crib.

After 5 nights of him consistently waking and wanting to play, I decided to put him back into his SwaddleMe. Mercifully, it did the trick.

He's back to sleeping through the night again with an occasional need for a paci and some gentle rocking (while he's laying). I'm going to keep him in the swaddle for as long as I can until he is strong enough to roll over while being all wrapped up. Once I feel he can do that, I'll stop immediately.

I hate to keep him in the swaddle simply because he can't sleep in the thing for the rest of his life; but when his arms are free, he thinks it's party-time. Not to mention, he gets frustrated because he can't fall back to sleep and he ends up scratching his poor little face to smitherines.

I think my mistake was making him give up his little cocoon, cold-turkey. I should have tried the one-arm-out-of-the-swaddle trick first. I may give it a shot this coming weekend because I won't have to wake for work the following morning!

Did you have any success with the one-armed swaddle?


Jenifer said...

At 5 months we decided we needed to get Ian out of the swaddle. He would wriggle an arm free at night and then wake himself up and it was no fun (plus he was getting too big for the halo swaddle). Plus we knew he could sleep swaddle free because he did it at daycare everyday! We bought the swaddle me brand. We tried 1 arm out for 7 days. On the 7th day we unwrapped both arms and he has slept like this ever since. It was a struggle for us though until we found the swaddle me wraps and used it. It only took 7 days and he was good to go. I remember being so excited about this. It's funny how that was only 6 months ago and it feels like it was light years ago that we went through this. Good luck.

Deanna said...

We never really did the one-arm thing...my girls wouldn't fall asleep that way. Eventually, I started trying to leave their arms out when they broke free at night. After a few nights of that, we were able to stop using them. I was worried about breaking them at 4 months too, but our doctor said not to worry until they are rolling in their sleep-they will usually be ready to break the habit by then. Good luck!

Mitzi G.!! said...

Brayden always hated to be swaddled & apparently that might not be such a bad thing! Good luck with eventually getting him to sleep swaddle free.

Sara said...

I posted on my blog (many moons ago) about my de-swaddling with Ainsley. Once she started escaping in the middle of the night, she was up, so I knew it was time. There was a rough few nights, but then she was just so tired, she slept. Hopefully that will happen. But if you don't have to unswaddle yet, then keep going!