Sunday, November 22, 2009

5 Months Old

The boys celebrated their five month birthday today by sharing a jar of bananas (yum!), a trip to Target and watching 'The Proposal' with mommy & daddy.

Our trips to random stores have become far more interesting now that we have twins. We can't turn a corner without people stopping us to look at and talk about the little guys. I really don't mind because I like talking to different people, but it almost always turns into 'oh, you guys have your hands full' or 'wait until they're two!' Why do they insist on trying to scare me all the time?!

Fun Five Month Facts

Both boys are rolling like crazy now! Can't turn my back on em'!

I've introduced them to fruit and we're going to try some veggies this week.

Luke is eating like a champ, but Nolan couldn't really care less about eating from a spoon.

Nolan is wearing some 9 month clothes!

Luke is wearing 6 months, but some of the pants are a little loose on him.

They both love grabbing things now. Some of their favorite things to grab include teethers, my hair, my face and Justin's arm hair.

Their hair is getting longer! Nolan's is blonde and super soft and Luke's is strawberry blonde and it's a bit coarser.

They're starting to laugh out loud at things. Usually it's when we talk to them or kiss their cheeks or bellies.
Pictures from today
Nolan loves to sit in this basket!!

He doesn't like to share it with Luke though.

Bath time with their worthless bath seats. Seriously, these things are goners.


Kristi Hutton said...

So cute! Bath seats didn't work for us either. My girls are 9 months and we still use the yellow foam pads ($6). They are able to sit on them with out slipping and sliding around!

Heather said...

Adorable! Love the laundry basket pics. I can't believe they are 5 months already. Oh, and I love their Eagles track suits. Too cute!

Kelly said...

Happy 5 months boys! Too cute, I love the laundry basket pictures! The last bath picture is priceless. I can't believe they are already 5 months!

Angie said...

Your boys are so cute! I love your blog, just found it this morning.

Laura @ Cameron Crazy said...

Jenn, I am so glad to hear Nolan doesn't want to eat from a spoon either. I am having the hardest time with Cam. He just refuses. We try once a week and I just don't worry about it. I will start worrying when is six months. I just feel like I shouldn't force it, you know?

jsiewert said...

Happy 5 months boys. We had the same bath seat for our daughter and she loved it. try it again when your boys are sitting up and they will love it.

Mitzi G.!! said...

They are so cute & wow the difference in the size of the boys!! I love the basket pics too & please don't make him share his basket....the crying is too sad, cute but still sad!