Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playing Catch-Up!

It's been a crazy-busy week around here, so I haven't been posting much. Okay. I also have become addicted to Scrapblog and have spent basically every spare minute I have making a scrapbook for the boys. But that's besides the point.

My mom (Grammy), who watches the boys while I'm working, has been sick since last Friday, so she wasn't able to watch the boys this week. The GREAT news is that the boys were lucky to have Mom Mom watch them! Not only were the boys lucky, but so were Justin and I. I loved coming home to a delicious dinner (yay!) and folded laundry. So nice!
I got a hair cut yesterday. I needed to add layers because my hair is falling out. Yes, you read that correctly: my hair is falling out. It's everywhere. I know there's nothing I can do about preventing the hair loss because it's all hormonal, so I figured that a some layers would make my hair look thicker.
The boys are 4 months old today!! I haven't had a chance to take their monthly picture, but I will definitely do it tomorrow before their 4 month well visit with the pedi.

Here are some pictures from our week!
Nakey Lukey!!
Happy NolanSleepy NolanLukeLuke in the Jumperoo
Love from Daddy!


Meant to be a mom said...

I cannot believe they are already 4 months. They are so adorable.
I'll have to go check out the scrapbook site. Sounds like fun.

Ange said...

I'm so glad you mentioned the hair loss! I am also now losing a ton of hair and fear going bald! It stinks too cause I was trying to grow it out. Chloe is also 4 months old and I've read that 4 months after a trauma or stress to the body your hair will start to fall out. Great pics of the boys btw!!

The Wilson's said...

Time is going by so fast huh, I can't believe its already been 4 months! My hair has been falling out for a few weeks now, I really hope it slows down soon... its bad, I'm going to be bald!

Sarah said...

Love the pics! Btw, we have the rhino pj's too. I always want to play with their little feet when they wear em.

Mitzi G.!! said...

They are so beautiful.....hope their 4 month checkup & shots go well!!

Deanna said...

Happy four months! I lost a TON of hair after my girls were born (of course, I have a ton of hair to lose, so it wasn't as bad as it sounds), but for me it peaked around 4 months. By 6 months, it had almost stopped, and I have fuzzy little new hair growing in at my hairline. Aren't hormones lovely? : )

Laura said...

Oh my gosh! Isn't the hair loss INSANE?! It's driving me nuts. Down my shirt, under the arm of my shirt, it is all in our laundry, and it even ends up on Cam. I am SO over it!