Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Luke & Nolan's Christening

We celebrated the boys' Christening this past Sunday!

Luke and Nolan were both very well-behaved throughout the ceremony. They slept comfortably in each of their godmothers' arms. I anticipated many tears and screams as the holy water was poured over their little heads, but Father cheated…he warmed the water before we started!

Now, I know that couples are notoriously late for events after they have children because it's very time-consuming when you have to get yourself ready; but add two children to the mix…forget about it! I rushed around my house on the morning of the Christening like a mad woman. Miraculously, we made it out the door on time. I was completely stressed out, but we made it on time.

After the ceremony, we had our family come to our house for lunch. Luke and Nolan sucked up all of the love and attention that they were given. With all of the happiness, one would think that I might manage to snap a picture of one of the boys with a smile on his face. Well, it didn't happen! They look miserable in almost every picture, but I swear they weren't!

They also got to meet my dad, Colleen and my two brothers, who came in from Ohio for the celebration. I was so happy to see them hold their first grandchildren!

Proud Mommy & Daddy next to the
Holy Water crab pot.
Seriously...the Holy Water container looks
like the pot my parents cook crabs in!
We got such a kick out of it!
Aunt Melissa & Nolan

Poppy & Luke
My dad and Nolan.
Poor Nolan has broken out all around his mouth
because of the constant drool!

The boys in their Eagles gear after the ceremony.

Aunt Christa

I wouldn't have survived the day without my mom!

This is a wood-carved plate that Uncle Tommy made.
It's so beautiful!

Lucky little Tank got to wear one of the boys' jacket!

Overall, it was a great day and we are all so blessed to have such an amazing family.


Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

I love their outfits...they look so handsome in all white!!

As for the Eagles gear...I am not a fan (GO GIANTS!!) but they look cute in that as well!!

Allison said...

They look so precious!!!! So glad the weekend went so well!

Nicki11802 said...

They are so handsome!
I used Aveno Baby on my sons face - it was afwul when we was drooling and it cleared up so fast!

Sarah said...

Boys are so handsome! I am also not a fan of the Eagles gear! Go Colts! :-) We also dress our labs in jerseys. They are not a fan.

Kelly said...

Adorable pictures!!! Such a cute family!!!
I love their outfits!