Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vacation in Ocean City, MD

The night before we left for Ocean City, Maryland, the boys slept for six hours straight; then they slept another five! This was a first for them and I thought for sure that it wouldn’t happen again, especially because they were going to be in an unfamiliar condo at the beach with different sounds and smells. I was wrong! The little guys slept wonderfully all week long during the night. They usually slept from between six to seven hours which was wonderful!

The car ride from our home in Philly to OCMD took a little over three hours and they slept through the entire ride. Nolan woke up once, but a quick paci replacement was all it took for him to return to sleep.
When we arrived at the condo, our family was already there. We spent the week with Grandmom, Grandpop and Aunt Danielle! The weather that first day was beautiful and we took the boys on their first walk down the boardwalk in a side-by-side stroller that my mom bought at a yard sale for $20! This thing was a life saver! My tandem Graco Duo Glider is awesome, but the front seat doesn’t fully recline, but in the other stroller both seats reclined so it was easy to take them out at night because they could rest peacefully. After we got back to the condo, we fed the boys and put them to sleep and they slept for six hours again before they woke to be fed!! My sister, Danielle (who is 17) woke every single night with the boys to help feed them. She’s amazing! Seriously. Justin was able to sleep every night while she and I fed the boys so was a nice bonding time for us. Bearded Dragons!! ;)
Sunday was our first beach day and it was beautiful! We bought an SPF50 tent off Amazon and it worked perfectly. It protected the boys from the sun and wind. Of course a little bit of sand sneaked its way in, but that’s impossible to avoid. They were great on the beach.

The weather after Sunday was NOT good beach weather at all. Monday was sunny, but there were 20 MPH winds. We attempted to set up the tent and sit on the beach despite the horrible conditions, but it was not working. We managed to get the tent up, but it kept collapsing because of the high winds. People couldn’t even use beach umbrellas. We left after an hour. The rest of the week was the same. It was either incredibly windy, rainy or overcast. We didn’t get to the beach again until Friday which was our last day and it was chilly and overcast. I was a bit upset, but we did so many other activities that it made it a fun vacation.
Here is a little of what the boys experienced on their first vacation!
First time taking a walk on the boardwalk.
Late night snack on the boards
Our first early morning walk on the beach with mommy & grandmom.

First day on the beach. This was our only sunny day on the beach :(

Aunt Danielle, Grandpop and Grandmom playing around in the ocean! So much fun!!!!

We went to Assateague Island to see the wild horses.

Luke stood close to a pony!
Since there was so much bad beach weather, there was a lot of Sudoku playing going on!Lunch at Secrets!

Lots of mini golf!! We went to play three times and the boys behaved so well during each game. We even had a bit of rain during our second mini golf outing. We shielded the boys in their stroller with blankets and beach towels. It worked beautifully! We did some Go-Kart racing! Hey boys, here's mommy in FIRST place :) Our second and last day on the beach. It was a little overcast and chilly, but definitely fun!Check out those cute little bathing suits!

We had a great time!


Meant to be a mom said...

How fun, Sorry to hear that it was yucky most the time weather wise. But the pics of your family and the boys are adorable. What a nice memory!

Erin said...

It is too bad that the weather wasn't better beach weather, but it looks like you guys had a great trip, regardless. And lock at Mama rockin' that bikini!

Good luck back at work!

Kelly said...

Such cute pictures! Precious ones sleeping under the shade on the beach!

Dee said...

GREAT pictures! And I love your header!