Monday, September 28, 2009

Our (not so exciting) Friday

In preparation for the boys' baptism in two weeks, I decided that I needed to clean the basement that I haven't cleaned since before the boys were born. I am embarrassed to admit this, but it's true. Pre-babies, Justin and I practically lived in our finished basement, but after they came home with us, it was so much easier for us to set up camp in the living room which is closer to their bedroom and kitchen ,which I frequent very often. The only time I'm ever down there is when I pass through to the laundry room or let Tank out into the yard. I have noticed that the furniture was collecting dust and the floor had little imprints of muddy Tank paws on it, but there are two cute babies who require lots of attention upstairs! Why would I want to clean a room I'm never in?!

This past Friday, I set up the pack n play in the basement, put the boys in there and I went to town on the neglected room. After two hours, it looked like spiffy and new! I was so pleased with the outcome, that the boys and I spent the rest of the day down there. I think that as the boys get bigger, we'll spend more time down there. I plan on making that their play room as we don't have a designated spot for their toys.

Here are some pictures from Friday
Luke in the jumperoo!Nolan


Kelly said...

Such cuties! BTW...You look great!!

KHS said...

so cute! I have a couple rooms that are like that in our house. Why would I clean a room that we are never in? I didn't think it would be possible with 4 kids and people in and out all the time, but there are places that haven't really seen any action.