Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mommy Confessions

Last night, as I was warming up L&N's bottles (in the microwave), I laughed to myself thinking about how many 'Mommy Rules' I break. To name a few:
  • Heating bottles in the microwave. Every book I read while I was pregnant said not to do this because microwaves can cause heat pockets in the formula, so we bought four...yes four, bottles warmers. Why did I do this?! I figured that I'd need two for the kitchen and two for upstairs for night time feedings. After a month of listening to two screaming babies while it took five minutes to heat up their bottles, I decided to test out the microwave. Two bottle in for 45 seconds does the trick for us. I am always sure to shake the bottle up to get rid of any heat pockets before feeding the boys. They've survived so far!
  • I let our dog kiss the boys. It's not like he's licking them in the mouth. He tries to lick their faces (I think he likes the formula) and I try to head him off, but sometimes I'm not quick enough and he get them! A little doggie slobber can't be all that bad, can it?
  • Napping on the Boppy. It clearly says NO SLEEPING on the tag, but if that's where they fall asleep for a short snooze, that's where they remain.
  • I still rock them to sleep at night. I just can't put one down in the crib 'awake, yet drowsy' like the books suggest. What if he starts screaming and wakes bis brother? This is why I ensure they're both fast asleep when I lay them down.
  • I let them hang out on 'soft surfaces' like my bed and fluffy comforter while I get dressed or straighten up my room. For that matter, I've also put them in the laundry basket with clean laundry in it.
  • I've put them in the pack n play and left the room. Gasp! It's not like I'm gone forever. Sometimes mommy's got to run to the bathroom!
  • I dont' strap them onto their changing table. When they were much smaller, I didnt' strap them into their bouncy chairs either. It's not like they were going anywhere. Now I have to strap them into the bouncies because they move around so much and I'm afraid they'll fall out!
  • I let them play with knives. Kidding!!

Would you like to confess to any 'Mommy Rules' that you break?


Kelley said...

I still don't strap Kayla in her swing. I lay her in there and close the lap bar. She never spends more than a minute or so awake in there anyway... and I too am guilty of allowing Boppy naps. My #1 rule is to let a sleeping baby sleep! Right now she's congested so while I dry my hair in the morning, she lays on our bed, propped up on a pillow so she can breathe. Hmm... I'm sure there are plenty more appalling things I've done over the last 12 weeks or so. I'll let you know if I think of any more.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the laugh! I think these are all common mommy 'mistakes.' I mean, I know they put those tags and labels on the things that say what we should do, but do they know, that just isn't very convenient and we are mommies, we know what is best! :)
I hope to get a post together and play along today or tomorrow. :)

Sarah said...

LOL at your last confession. I also do not strap them on changing table. My boys have slept on the poppy pillow and on my bed. I also do not change a wet diaper everytime it's wet. I will let them sleep and then change. I have also not washed an outfit before putting them on the boys. I am sure there are more. :-)

Jenifer said...

We have yet to use the straps on the changing pad and our little one is 10 months old. However, I know why they come with straps and I am tempted to use them one of these days. He is all over the place and needs to be entertained enough to stay on his back while we are changing him! He will flip to his stomach and crawl off naked if Im not fast enough on the old diaper changes now. Ah, the memories of when he was tiny enough to 1. fit on the changing pad comfortably and 2. he would just lay there and allow us to change feels so long ago!!

Laura said...

I'm a rule breaker too. :)

I have never strapped Cam to his changing table. It has a bar on the side and I'm right beside him - where is he going to go???

I leave Cam in his pack n play too. Not for hours or anything. I constantly check on him.

Cam sleeps in his Boppy too. I didn't let him until he was big enough to actually fit in it though.

I don't strap him into his bouncer or swing either.

I give Cam's bottles to him at room temp so that doesn't apply to me. I was so happy to learn I could give him formula at room temp. Saves me lots of time and him lots of frustration.

Kristi H said...

Hmm... I thought those straps on the changing pad were to strap it to the table!

Leigh said...

So that's what those straps are for? LOL - seriously I thought you only use them if you're slow and can't hang onto your baby :)

when we went to a multiples seminar they told us babies actually don't need warm milk - BONUS! Especially useful with twins so mine have been having room temperature Connor shortly after I mix the bottles and the milk is still warm, so he gives me this look like "what on earth is this? WARM milk???"

My babies sleep on their side, tummy, whichever way they actually want to sleep!

there are TONS more things I do - maybe I need to do my own post and stop hijacking your comments :)

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

I have done or I guess I sould say NOT DONE all of the same things....should I go stand in time out?? hahaha

The Wilson's said...

I don't strap Jackson in either, and he slept on the boppy lounger for the first month every night. I have the bumper pads in the crib and I cover Jackson up with a blanket.

What straps on the changing table? :)

Meant to be a mom said...

I'm sure I'll have plenty of mom confessions of my own soon also. Don't feel bad.I totally thought those straps on the changing pad were to stap them to the table as well. WOOPS!
They boys are adorable as always.

I nominated you for an award on my blog. Go check it out.