Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 Months Old Today

Happy 3 MonthDay, Boys!!

Last night I walked into my living room where Justin was sitting on the couch with the boys. I gazed at Nolan and was amazed at how big he looked! I look at this baby for 18 hours a day, how had I not realized how big he was? He took up an entire couch cushion!

The time is passing so quickly and my babies are getting bigger and stronger by the day. If you dare to hold one of them in your lap, beware because you may get some strong kicks to your belly or ribs. Luke has come close to giving me a fat lip because of the way he whips his head around.

Their precious little outfits that I loved so much no longer fit them. I had to pack up about 25 pairs of socks because they were too small for the boys' feet. I have an excess of diapers that their little tushies don't fit into. My nephew who is scheduled to arrive in January will be receiving lots of Luke & Nolan's barely-worn clothes. Sigh.

They are in size 1-2 diapers. They eat at least 5oz at every feeding. Their morning bottle has consisted of 7oz for the past week because they've been sleeping for longer stretches at night and they're quite hungry upon waking. They sleep anywhere between from 6 to 9 hours. Last night it was 8 1/2. They are both very happy morning babies, but get cranky in the evenings (like their mommy). It's nice to be greeted with a smile and some cooing.

As they're getting bigger, I feel like things are getting a bit more manageable. They don't scream in the middle of the night when they want to be fed which is a blessing when you can barely open your eyes. They just whimper when they wake and mommy comes running! Feeding both babies at once, which was a production for the first 2 months, has become much easier. I think it's due to the fact that they have better head control now. L & N can be fed and burped in under 15 minutes. If you would have asked me in June or July, I never would have thought that it could happen! Bath time is also less scary for me because they're actually big enough for their baby tub. It was scary in the beginning because they were so tiny!

Overall, things have been good. Luke rolled over twice again on Saturday, but he wanted no parts of it on Monday! They spent Saturday night and most of Sunday with Mom Mom & Poppy because Justin and I were at the Eagles game. It's nice to be able to get out of the house with my husband and feel comforted by the fact that they are being very well loved and cared for. We have two parties again next Saturday night and the boys will spend the night with them again!

I'm looking forward to what the next month brings. I can't wait to hear more babbling from L & N and get some big smiles and laughs!


The Wilson's said...

Happy 3 Month Birthday Boys! It's so hard to believe that three months has gone by, I'm so glad y'all are adjusting so well. It does get easier everyday, but it makes me sad to pack up the tiny outfits and diapers too!

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

It is amazing isn't it; they just grow so fast!! Happy 3 month to your beautiful boys!!

Ange said...

The 3 month mark is awesome!! They look so healthy & thriving - great job!! I know what you mean about the clothes...I also just packed up a bunch of outfits she never even wore...so sad!!

Kelly said...

They are simply adorable! You have two handsome little men on your hands. :) It is amazing how fast they grow.

My open roads said...

I love reading your blog :) I totally relate to MOST things you write about your boys, other than I only have 1! Mine is just over 4 months old and things like kicks in the stomack/ribs, easier nigh-feedings + some more sleep, etc, have definitely been a part of my mommy experience up to date. :) Thanks for writing, I love reading about your infant-raising experience! Your boys are adorable!

Erin said...

I can't believe how big the boys are getting! They are both adorable, too. :)

I'm so envious of you that you have family that lives close by to take the boys for you -- I really hate living so far away from my parents!

Sarah said...

Happy 3 months boys!! I was so sad packing up their old clothes. They do grow up fast. They are 2 very handsome boys!

Heather said...

Beautiful picture! They reaaly are getting so big. Amazing how time flies.