Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Weekend

Yay -- Grandmom & Aunt Danielle are back from the mountains, so on Thursday they stopped by to visit with the boys. They hadn't seen them since the previous Friday and they swore that the boys had grown so much in the span of 6 days! We decided to get the boys out of the house for a little while, so we took them to one of our favorite stores, Marshalls Homegoods. It was such a momentous event that we decided to take a picture ;)

Justin was going to see a local sports comedian that night, so Danielle spent the night with us so that she could help with the night-time feedings. She's amazing!

Luke loves bath time!
Nolan really doesn't.

Aunt Christa was in town on Thursday and Friday for a Knot event. She travels so much for work that we love taking opportunities to spend time with her, so she slept over on Friday night. Mom Mom & Poppy came over for dinner that night and Mom Mom & Aunt Christa told Justin and I to head up to bed early and they'd take the 11:30 feeding. Seriously, how great is our family?!! An extra two hours of sleep is always welcome around here!
Saturday afternoon and evening was spent with Mom Mom & Poppy. We sat on the deck, had daiquiris and did some swimming. When we got home, we put the boys to bed and they woke every two hours. NOT a good night's rest for us!

We spent Sunday over grandmom & grandpop's house eating crabs and some delicious food from the Italian Market.
Back to reality today. Justin is at work, so it's just the boys and I. I may attempt a Target trip later on with the little guys. Wish me luck!


Alison said...

Wow you look great! You can't even tell that you just had twins! :)

KHS said...

The picture of her holding them both at once is a true testament to how big they are getting!