Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Weekend

The secret to happy babies is to put them in a pack n play outside in warm least that's what works for my babies. The boys were being a little fussy this morning, so I set up the PNP in the yard, and this is where they're currently resting. Nolan did not want to be put down, but I had to fee Luke so he was a little unhappy. I don't think we'll be outside for long though because it's supposed to go into the 90's here today.
The four of us had a sleep over at Mom and Dad V's on Saturday. It was so much fun! They literally live 4 miles away, but we thought we'd spend the night since we were going to spend Saturday there swimming and having dinner and they were going to watch the boys while Justin and I ran some errands on Sunday morning. It worked out nicely, but for an overnight stay, I think I packed like four bags. It's ridiculous. Especially since Mom & Dad already have everything the boys need at their house (including bottles that they made before we got there -- I love parents!!). I can only imagine what our car will look like when we need to pack for our week-long trip to Ocean City, MD. Yikes!
Here's Nolan chillin' on the patio at Mom Mom & Poppy's house.

Luke loves being outside!
Here's Nolan helping mommy with the laundry this morning!


Heather said...

They are just adorable. Love the laundry basket picture!e