Saturday, August 22, 2009

2 Months Old

Luke and Nolan are two months old today and what an incredible two months it's been! The little guys have grown so much but I don't have exact numbers because their two month well checkup isn't until mid-September. I'm excited to find out their growth stats, but not about the shots!

Nolan is happiest in the morning (just like his momma) and gives me most of his smiles during this time. He absolutely loves to sit up; preferably while being held one someone's lap! He isn't terribly fond of bath time, but usually calms down after he's been in the warm water for a bit.

Luke is still as squirmy as ever! He's only sitting still when he's asleep! He may be punting for the Eagles someday because the boy has a strong kick! I would know, he's always getting me in the ribs when I feed him. He also has a mean grip and has found out that he likes mommy's hair. I wish he didn't like it!

They're both changing every day! When I lift Nolan out of the crib in the morning, I'm always impressed by how solid and heavy he's becoming. Luke being hooked up to a feeding tube in the NICU seems like eons ago. He eats like a champ on his own now!
Mommy loves to torture us!!

You guys are seriously loved!


Heather said...

Happy 2 months! Beautiful pics and boys, as always!

Sarah said...

Happy 2 months boys!!!

Cecilia said...

Happy 2 months! I love the picture of one on top of the other! So cute!