Sunday, July 12, 2009

torture time...I mean, tummy time

Sorry that my posts have been few and far between the past week, but I've been a little busy!

It's amazing how quickly our lives have changed in the span of 3 weeks. We went from a family of 3...Justin, myself and Tank, to a family of five. Nolan and Luke have completed us and it's just incredible! I find myself looking at them in awe thinking, "I can't believe you're finally here."

Justin returned to work last Tuesday and boy do I miss him during the day. They boys are still on an every four hour eating schedule, but we modified it a bit and have them eating at 10, 2, 6 then 10. This makes it a bit easier for Justin to wake with me throughout the night to feed the little guys. Since they're still so small, they spend a nice amount of time napping, but are staying awake a little more frequently. I try to sneak in some tummy time during these intervals. Luke is a champ!! He lifts his head and moves it from left to right, but sweet Nolan wails when we put him on his belly! It makes him so miserable!

Nolan is on the left and Luke on the right

Here's daddy attempting to comfort Nolan

One of my favorite things to do is to stare at the boys as they fall asleep. This is when I get to see their smiles and giggles as they're drifting off. It's the cutest thing! I can't wait until the time when they smile at me on their own.

This past Friday we had a pedi appointment and Nolan weighed 6lbs 4oz and Luke weighed 5lbs 8oz! They're doing fantastic!! Both belly buttons have fallen off and I missed them both!! Justin was changing Nolan when his fell off and my mom was changing Luke's when his fell off! Hopefully I'll be the one to catch future milestones!!


Meant to be a mom said...

They are so darn cute. I'm so glad they are doing good and you guys are adjusting well to a family of five.

KHS said...

Ok, so I am not sure which little guy is which, but the picture of the little man in blue really resembles Justin! They look a lot like Mom though! ;) Glad things are going well!

Jennifer said...

Hey Kelli!! The little guy in blue is Nolan and I think he looks like Justin too! The funny thing is, when we compare our baby pics to the twins, Luke looks like Justin & Nolan looks like me as a baby! weird how things work out! xo

Leigh said...

They are so beautiful! How long did your one son stay in NICU?

Heather said...

Gosh, they are sooo adorable! Really, and I am not just saying that.

All of my girls hated tummy time too.

Laura said...

Too cute! My Cam isn't a huge fan of tummy time either. :)