Saturday, July 18, 2009

First trip to the mall with the boys

This week I received a coupon in the mail to my favorite store, Express, which needed to be used by this Sunday. I am returning to work part time in September, so I wanted to pick up some new pants and shirts. I ONLY wear Express Editor pants. I don't know if you've ever tried them, but they're seriously amazing. I would marry the Editor pant if I could. I have tried pants from many different stores, but I always return to Express for the Editor. They fit my body perfectly and I have them in just about every color and pattern. They're $79.50, so whenever I get a coupon, I usually run to the store and pick up a pair. So, I needed to make a trip to the mall.

I originally planned on going myself on Saturday, but when I woke up on Friday, I talked to my my mom and asked if she would accompany the boys and I to the mall. Thankfully, she agreed to go with me. I had just finished feeding Nolan and was working on Luke. Feeding them separately usually takes about an hour, then I needed to take a shower and get myself ready which I can do in a half hour. Seriously, it takes A LOT of planning when you need to take two infants out. You have to worry about their bottle time; making sure you have enough diapers; and don't forget the pacifier. This was a last-minute idea of mine, so I was not prepared, but I think I managed nicely.

After I finished getting dressed, I came downstairs, got the bottles ready, packed my diaper bag, got the boys into their carseats (which always causes tears!), then I worked on getting my behemoth of a stroller into the trunk of the Caddy. That was a sight! I'm still a little sore from my c-section and I had to lift a 50 pound stroller into the trunk of a CTS without resting the damn thing on the bumper because if there was a scratch or smudge in paint, I think Justin would have heart failure. He loves this car almost as much as he loves me and the boys.

After I picked up my mom, we safely made it to my favorite place in the world...the mall. I'm exaggerating a little bit here. I would say that I love Disney World first, the Caribbean second, San Diego third then the mall.

We were stopped a few times by people admiring my little men. I have to admit that I love when people tell me what little cuties I have! I think they're pretty cute too!!

They were very well-behaved, but started getting a bit cranky towards the end of trip because we were getting close to bottle time.

If I didn't have my mom with me, I have NO CLUE how I would have gotten through the doors of Macy's, which is where I always park. They don't have that automatic handicapped door, so I'd have to try and open the door, then squeeze that stroller through. I know mom's do it all the time, it's just that I haven't had to do it myself yet. What if there aren't any people around to help out? Then what do I do? It's the smallest things that panic me!!


Karen said...

I love the EDITOR pants. I miss them oh so much now since I have grown out of them!!!! Glad to hear the boys are doing well!


My open roads said...

I only have one 2 month old and it is a whole lot of work to go do any simplest shopping... usually by the time we get to the store or a mall, he already cries for feeding, then not much longer, diaper needs to be changed, it's just a great circle like that, I don't get much done... I don't know how I'd do it with two!
This isn't easy, I know what you mean!

Laura said...

I can't imagine taking TWO infants out of the house. It takes me long enough with one! And my baby Cameron hates getting put into his car seat too! After he is in, it is all good though!

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

oh yes i remember how hard it was at first. and i was same way with feedings. it always took an hour to feed both babies.
as they get older though they will eat faster. now i can have both of mine fed in 15 minutes tops.

and with the stroller thing and going through the door. i have done this plenty of times when there arent people around. what i do is i go in backwards. just turn around and grab the door and pull them back, its much easier than trying to get them in foward.

Allison said...

I think I may have to check out these "editor" express pants! Its so hard to find good pants that fit!! Glad you had fun at the mall! I was also going to suggest going in backwards when you dont have any help- After years of babysitting lots of little ones, I find thats the easiest thing to do :) Hope this helps!

Jennifer said...

Oh yes, I ONLY wear the Editor. I worked at Express in college and I think I spent more $ there than I made!

And I too do the backwards pulling of the stroller. I push my butt into the door, and then pull in the stroller.

DonnaK said...

Congrats on your first trip to the mall with the boys! It is always good to have that first one under your belt! I went to the mall last Tuesday with the girls for the first time by myself! I'm sure it isn't the same as taking newborn twins out, but I was nervous either way! I got Avery and Raegan (the 3yr. old and 2 yr. old) to go to the potty before we got there, because I don't know if I could have handled taking them both to the bathroom while holding Chayse! We made it though!!

Oh yeah, I was also going to suggest pulling the stroller through the door when noone is around to help!

AnimeshSingh said...

Glad to hear the boys are doing well and using Coupon Codes to save their pocket money!