Sunday, July 26, 2009

The big move to the nursery

Moving your baby to their own nursery is a big step for any parent to make. Some start their baby in their crib from day one, but for other parents, it could take months, even a year to move their baby to their own room.

This past Friday, Justin and I transitioned the boys to their cribs in the nursery. It was a tough decision for us to make because we like the comfort of having the little guys in the same room that we are in, but it was getting hard with them both being in the same pack n' play. All last week, Nolan was waking up screaming about an hour after he was fed and changed, which in turn would cause Luke to begin stirring. The only way we could get Nolan to fall back to sleep was to either hold him for an hour (and pray that he wouldn't wake up when he was set back down to sleep) or to let him fall asleep in his swing...which is what we ended up doing.

Since we've transitioned them to their own room, in their own respective cribs, we've all been getting a better night's rest. I keep the monitor right next to me so I can still hear every whimper and cry. If I hear any crying and I know that they are fed and changed, I usually just rub their belly or cheek until they fall asleep again. I am trying not to get into the habit of picking them up to rock them back to sleep -- especially since they usually wake up when they're laid back down. So far, it's been working well!

One thing that has been a lifesaver for us has been the Homemedics SoundSpa Lullaby With Picture Projection. It projects images onto the ceiling and plays lullaby music or background noise. I don't think they boys care about the images yet, but if we keep it running throughout the night, it is a nice nightlight for them and the music is very soothing. They really seem to sleep better with it on. It's also nice for mom & dad because it provides just enough light for us to check on them at night.


Lea Liz said...

way to go.. it is hard.. I still haven't made the transition and Brody is almost 7 months old!!

Joy said...

Sleep issues are just one of those things that are trial-and-error! Each little one is so different and should be handled differently.

Like you said, it can take some babies days or even up to a year to make the transition! Our firstborn slept in our bed with us until she was 10-11 months old but transitioned beautifully when *she* was ready, in her own time. She is now a 4 year old who has slept in her own room ever since.

Our second daughter went straight to her crib, slept through the night, before she was 2 months old! (LUCKY, I know!!!)

So I'm glad you're finding what works for you guys and that you're getting good sleep; so important for new mommies!