Friday, May 1, 2009

Ready Or Not Here We Come!

I just finished reading "Ready Or Not Here We Come!: The Real Experts' Guide to the First Year With Twins" by Elizabeth Lyons. I found the book to be very informative and I bookmarked certain chapters that I definitely want to go back and re-read once the boys arrive (like how to make your own baby food). So far, all of the other twin books I've read have been about twin pregnancy and delivery and not so much about how to handle two newborns throughout the first year of their lives. 'Ready Or Not' offered very practical advice from mothers of multiples on everything from breastfeeding twins ,to getting the babies on the same sleep schedule, to traveling with two babies.

The author makes it very well known that raising two babies at the same time is definitely a challenge, and yes, parents will be exhausted, but that having twins is such an incredible blessing and watching them grow and interact with one another is one of the most amazing life experiences. I also liked that there were certain excerpts written by fathers of twins and how they handled situations with their babies.

One of the main focuses of the book was to accept help when it's offered, which is really hard for a lot of women to do. There are a lot of Type-A personalities out there who want to be able to do everything themselves with little assistance from others. I have a bit of that going on! Thankfully, we are fortunate enough to have incredible families and friends who live very close by who will be there with us every step of the way. These babies are very well-loved already!

The next parenting book I plan on reading is "Babyproofing Your Marriage." I'll let you know how that one is when I'm finished!


Meant to be a mom said...

That book sounds great. I'm sure any helpful info you can get will be good. My best friend gave me Jenny McCarthy's book "Belly laughs" Its raw and hilarious. I'm loving it.

Tina said...

We're expecting twins in September, and like you I've been reading all of the twin pregnancy books, but without anything to do with the actual parenting. Thanks for the book suggestion, I'll have to go find that one! :)

Erin said...

I liked the book "Twinspiration" -- that was the first book I read after finding out we were having twins, and I thought it gave a pretty accurate, not-sugar-coated picture of what the pregnancy and early years would look like. What I really took away from the book was just how hard it was going to be to breastfeed twins. I also have a LLL "mothering multiples" book -- and after flipping through that, you'd think that tandem breastfeeding is the most natural, easiest thing in the world, seeing all the women in the pictures have giant grins on their faces. WRONG! It does come very easily for some women, but it also takes a real dedication and stubborness to figure it out!

Jill said...

Oh my, I'm so glad to see the your blog post title is the title of a book and not your boys coming into this world early! I was worried!!

The book sounds really helpful. I may have to pick up a copy. I'm a Type A "do-it-yourself and don't ask for help" kind of girl. So, sounds like a book I need to check out! Thanks for the recommendation!

Kelli, Ken, Gia and Jackson said...

Ken actually picked that up for me about a week ago. I read a review and it sounds likeit was pretty accurate! Yay! I guess I need to get reading.