Tuesday, May 5, 2009

29 weeks

At 29 weeks the little guys weigh approximately 2 1/2 lbs and are measuring a bit over 15 inches long. I have an ultrasound next Monday, so I'll find out then what their actual weight is. I feel like they weigh about 4 pounds each! My belly is feeling heavy, but the maternity belt has been helping with that. Last week, Chica and I went out for dinner then we went back to my house just to hang out for a bit. While we were sitting there, the babies were being extremely active and she got to see my "Alien" belly. Lots of protruding limbs and what looks like waves going across my belly. It was awesome!

Justin started assembling some of the babies' gear this past weekend and what we didn't realize is that we need a TON of batteries! Everything from the swings to the bouncers to the jumperoos all require them. I think that the battery companies are in cahoots with the baby industry.
Eating has become quite interesting lately. In the first trimester, I could eat, but my menu was very limited because I was put-off by certain smells. When the second trimester arrived, so did my appetite for everything and I ate until my belly was content. The third trimester has been quite interesting because I still have an appetite, but I can barely fit any food in my squished stomach. Then comes the water consumption: I try my hardest to drink as much as I possibly can, but the water fills me up and makes me eat even less. Let's not even go there with the constant burping that I've got going on.
Mother's day is this Sunday and Justin's family has a suite at the Phillies ballpark for the game that day, so that's where I'll be spending my afternoon. After that, we're heading to my mom's for dinner. I love dinner at my parents' house!


Kelli, Ken, Gia and Jackson said...

you look adorable, as always. :)

Meant to be a mom said...

Looking adorable with your twinkie belly. They are growing so fast. Can you believe they are so long already? I hope you guys have a great mothers day weekend.

Joy said...

Your bump is sooooo cute!

I agree about the batteries. I was able to find a swing that you can plug in (the Rainforest one by Fisher Price).

Erin said...

You look so cute! I can't believe you're already 29 weeks. We bought rechargeable batteries and a charger after we realized we were going to spend SO MUCH MONEY on batteries! Buying the charger and the batteries is a greater initial investment, but definitely cheaper over the long-run.