Friday, April 3, 2009


A few weeks ago, my father in law gave me a picture of my husband that was taken when he was about six years old. It captured my carefree, smiling Justin during a time when I didn’t know him. He’s got the most gorgeous, thick black hair, beautiful dark eyes with impossibly long eyelashes and those dimples that I am in love with….aaah, those dimples. I took this picture of my young husband-to-be and instead of framing it, I placed it in the book that I was reading so that every day when I open the book, it’s that happy, young smile and dimples that greets me.

I found myself staring at that picture today while riding the train into work wondering if this is what one or both of my boys will look like. Or will they have blonde hair and blue eyes like me? Will they have his intelligence and my sense of humor? It’s so surreal to me. I then began to think about the different features and personality traits that both of us acquired from our parents. I’ve got my mom’s delicate blonde hair and her (if I do say so myself) wonderful cooking skills. I’ve got my dad’s build as well as his feisty energy. I also think that I’ve acquired a lot from my step-father even though I’m technically not "his." I think he passed along his sensitivity and compassion to me. Justin is the perfect mix of his parents: he’s got his dad’s looks and intelligence and his mom’s friendliness and practicality as well as her artistic ability.
As my little guys are growing and forming their own personalities inside of me -- Luke is an active morning guy and Nolan is definitely a night guy -- I like to picture them a nice blend of the two of us. But I really hope they acquire those dimples.


Erin said...

What a cute picture! His hair is SO DARK it almost looks like a wig!

It's so fun to actually meet your children and watch them grow -- and you're right, you can pick out different traits (both physical and personality) that they'll pick up from the two of you.

Meant to be a mom said...

So cute, I'm sure your kids will be just beautiful. It will be so fun to see how they look since you and your husband are so opposite in coloring. His dark hair, Your light, His dark eyes, Your light. How fun. The babies will be beautfiul.

Rebekah said...

Cute picture!! I'm sure they will both be the perfect mix of mommy and daddy!