Monday, April 27, 2009

28 week update

The babies have been living inside me for 28 weeks now and boy am I starting to feel it! The boys are approximately two and a quarter pounds and they’re quickly building baby fat to help prepare them for life outside the womb. What is mom & dad doing to prepare for the babies’ life outside of the womb? Thanks for asking…here goes:
Finish up the nursery: the only major thing left is the dresser which is still being refinished; then I can finally put away all of the clothes that I’ve washed. Justin and I took 3 hours to put a 7 foot tree decal on the wall between the cribs last week. We joked that the manufacturer should put a warning on the box: "Warning, installing this decal with your spouse may cause divorce." We put the thing up, which took about an hour, then we went to place the cribs where we wanted and realized that we put the decal up about a foot to the left from where it should have been. Yes, we had to take the decal off with TWEEZERS and move it over. Not fun. It looks great though! I'll post pictures when it's finished.

Home projects. Dad has been finishing up with all of his home projects while mom takes frequent naps on the sofa. Dad has been making breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner for mom while she is most likely sleeping because she feels like that’s all she wants to do any more. It’s strange that I’m talking in the third person, isn’t it? I’ll stop now.

Hospital Classes. Tomorrow night we have our first class: child care. They go over the fun things: diaper changing, swaddling, bathing, what to do when the babies get sick, etc. Next week is the breastfeeding class where we have to bring a baby doll or stuffed animal with us (or 2 in our case). The strange thing is I think we only have one stuffed animal in the house. I may need to borrow another from my 6 year old neighbor.

I’ve officially got an "outie" belly button, but no stretch marks yet. I’m moisturizing like a fiend even though I know that does noting to prevent them. It’s just the luck of the draw. With how quickly my belly is growing, I’d be surprised if they don’t pop up eventually. I’m still sporting my pregnancy belt which actually does make me feel better, but I’ve still got some crazy back issues going on. I’ve got 9 days of work left before I start my "leave." It’s kind of bittersweet. I can’t imagine not working and I love who I work with, but I’m so miserable and tired by the end of the day. Not to mention the train ride home…it’s so crowded my back hurts so bad and I’m wedged into a seat between two people without any way to get comfortable. During times like that, it’ll be nice to be at home with my feet up.

Here's my belly a 27w5d . I'm wearing the t-shirt that says "does this baby make me look fat" that I wore at 7 weeks to tell our families we were pregnant. Quite a difference :-)

Here's a picture from my cousin's wedding last weekend of me & my beautiful mom & sisterAdd Image
And finally....the new bride & groom with all of the cousins (yes, I'm the oldest). If you're reading this guys, I love you both!


Sarah said...

Can't wait to see pics of the nursery. We are almost finished with ours. You're looking great!

Meant to be a mom said...

Things sound like they are going along just great. How funny that you put up the decal in the nursery. I bet it looks great. I just had a big talk with my sister in law about painting a big tree in our baby's room. She's so excited for this art project.
Anyways I can't wait to see how it looks when its all put together.
Bye the way your family pics are just beautiful. You and your adorable belly. So much fun.

Lani said...

You looked beautiful at the wedding! I wanted to invite you to join our multiples blog network- I think you might find it really helpful!

Lani said...

Here's the link:)