Monday, January 26, 2009

15 week appointment

I would like to wish my very good friend Janeen the best of luck this week. She was just put on bed rest at 37 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. We're hoping that baby Gabriella has the opportunity to hang out in mommy for just a little bit longer. Good luck Neen! xo

I went for a check-up at my OB's office today. There are four doctors at the practice and every patient sees each of the doctors throughout her pregnancy. I've met two of the doctors so far, and today I got to meet the third -- Dr. Torres. She was awesome -- definitely my favorite so far!

I weighed in, had my blood pressure checked and had a urine test to determine if I have a UTI. They said it's standard procedure to check, even if I don't feel like I have one. I should get the results in a few days. Weight and blood pressure were great. Afterwards, it was on to the exam room to listen for the heartbeats.

Dr. Torres found the first baby right away and there was a nice strong heartbeat in the 150's. It was time to move on to the second baby and every time she would start to get a heartbeat, the little nugget would move! It was pretty funny and made me really happy. Baby #2's heartbeat was also in the 150's.

Next Monday is our Level 2 ultrasound and meeting with the Perinatologist. My mom and Momma V (my mom-in-law) are going to come with Justin and I to the ultrasound. It's going to be great to have them there! I haven't seen the babies since my 7th week. They looked like little glow worms back then -- I really can't wait to see what they look like now!

This week, the babies are the size of a naval orange. Their legs are now longer than their arms and even though their eyelids are closed, they can sense light. If I were to shine a flashlight at my belly (but why would I ever?), the babies are likely to move away from the light.

Here's this week's belly pic. It was taken right before Justin and I went to Babies R Us to look at and compare double strollers.


Erin said...

I have a recommendation for a double stroller -- the MacLaren Twin Techno. It's a bit more expensive than some other double strollers, but it is FABULOUS. Steers really well, is light-weight (28 pounds), is an "umbrella fold" so it doesn't take up all the room in your trunk, comes with lots of great extras (like a plastic rain cover) and holds up to 120 pounds. Infant carriers don't attach to it, though, so I also recommend the double "snap and go". Have fun shopping!

♥Tabitha♥ said...

You look gorgeous!

Meant to be a mom said...

You look adorable and I'm so happy to hear that the babies heartbeats are so great.

Kelli, Ken and Gia said...

You are darling! Great belly pic by the way! It sounds like you are doing great! Let me know what you end up with for your stroller. I haven't found one that I really like.

Hoping to make it three!! said...

You look great. Are you guys going to find out the sex of the babies? Can't wait to hear more updates on the little ones!!