Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Progesterone Supps

I started taking the progesterone supplements twice daily and can I just say...ewww. I know it's a fact of life for me now, but I wish there were oral supplements I could take instead.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Very interesting RE visit & IUI#2

Today I had a very interesting visit at the RE’s office. While I was waiting in the reception area to be seen by Dr. H, another patient started talking to me. This totally threw me off guard because usually people just make eye contact and maybe smile at you a little, but this woman was cheerful and spoke to me about what she was going through. She and her husband are both 47; they tried for 5 years before they had their son who is now 2 years old. Last year they adopted their daughter from Guatemala and now they’re trying for baby #3. She was very inspirational and positive. She said that the 5 years were rough on her, but obviously the outcome was worth it!

Now onto the actual appointment: I had an ultrasound and blood work. The ultrasound showed that all 3 of my large follies were released. I know when I ovulated because the pain woke me up at 2:30 this morning! I went into the IUI room and did my "dis-robing." I was lying on the table reading my book while waiting for Dr. H, when the door suddenly opened and a man with a suit walked into my room. I thought he was another doctor from the practice, but nope, he was ANOTHER Jennifer’s husband. He asked one of the nurses which room Jennifer was in and she pointed to my room. Wrong Jennifer. Luckily he didn’t get to see the goodies because there was a sheet over my lap, but it was still awkward. I think he was far more embarrassed than I!!

As far as the IUI went, Dr. H was very pleased with Justin’s count, motility and mobility. There were 95 million sperm post-wash, but his motility and mobility were far better than normal! I’m officially in the 2ww and I’m going to take it easy. The Phillies play the 5th game in the World Series tonight and I’m very confident that they’ll win!!!!! Hopefully I’ll be attending a World Series parade some time this week so I may do a little bit of drinking, but I won’t go overboard!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

IUI #2 and the unfortunate sight we saw before

I woke up bright and early today for my RE appointment. My OPK was negative, but Justin still had to come with me to my RE appointment just in case my blood work suggested otherwise. I had 3 nice sized follies (33mm, 22mm and 20mm), but I haven't yet had an LH surge. I had an IUI today because their office is closed tomorrow. Justin's post-was count was 100 million with great motility! Dr. H thinks I'll ovulate sometime Sunday night and we'll have our 2nd IUI on Monday morning. Hopefully we have okay timing, but I'm not going to obsess over it and make myself stressed hard to do!

As we were driving to the RE appointment today, we passed an abortion clinic on 8th Street with about 20 protesters outside holding anti-abortion signs. There was a woman walking into the building (presumably to have an abortion) and there were about 8 "guardians" with yellow vests guiding the woman into the building. The protesters were shouting at her and the volunteers with the vests were trying their best to shield her from them. Justin looked over at me and said, "it's crazy, that woman is going to get rid of a baby and we're on our way to try and make one. I'm so sorry." I told him that it obviously wasn't his fault and that this is the beauty of America...we have the freedom and a right to choose what we do with our bodies. I got upset and started tearing up because it's crazy how differently things work out for people. I wish things could be different.

On a much lighter note, tonight is game 3 of the World Series and I'm hoping that the Phillies are going to do well, especially because we're playing at home. Jamie Moyer is pitching and I'm feeling pretty confident in him! Go Phils!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tentative IUI scheduled for this weekend

I went to see my RE yesterday for CD12 bloodwork and ultrasound. I had three 16mm follicles on my right ovary and one small 12mm follicle on my left. Dr. H said I wasn’t surging so I’m going back tomorrow, CD14 for a follow-up appointment and tentative IUI. Hopefully she detects a surge on Saturday because if she doesn’t, she wants me to trigger at home on Sunday. I know that’s not a big deal to a lot of people, but it’s really freaking me out. She didn’t mention anything about doing back to back IUIs this month, so I’m guessing we’re only going to do the one. Fingers crossed!

My little sister is coming to spend the weekend with us while my parents are away in Florida on vacation. I love when she spends time with me, but it’s getting harder as she’s growing up because she spends half of her time at my home on Myspace or talking to her boyfriend on the phone. I remember back in the day when she would come over and she’d want to watch movies with me all day…I miss it. She’s turning into such a beautiful young woman and I’m so proud!

Tomorrow night is game 3 of the World Series – Go Phils!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Here we go again!

AF came yesterday so I'm now on IUI cycle #2. I went in to see my RE today for an ultrasound and bloodwork and to also discuss my previous IUI cycle. I told her about my 10 day leutal phase on Clomid. She told me that she was glad I brought it up because it certainly isn't normal for Clomid to shorten your cycle -- it typically makes it longer. She's going to keep me on the 50mg of Clomid, but in addition, I'm going to take progesterone suppositories...super fun.

That was the long and short of it. One nice thing about today was there was a mother with a 2 month old baby in the reception area of my RE's office. She brought her son in to meet Dr. H and to thank her for helping to make her a mommy. I love seeing new mothers there because it gives me hope and reminds me that not everyone can have perfect TTC experiences. Some of us just need a little help and it's okay.

What I'm going to do different this cycle:

1. Pilates -- it's a nice stress reliever.

2. No alcohol. This is going to be tough for me, but I'm going to give it a whirl...I get one cheat day -- at my mom's birthday party.

3. Pineapple core. Lots of women do it. I guess I'll try it too.

4. No stress!! I know that this is virtually impossible, but I've got to calm myself down in the later part of the 2ww.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Letting go of my VIP membership

I’ve officially done it -- I’ve cancelled my FF VIP membership! In May 2007 I started reading about Nesties who use to track their cycles and I figured I’d give it a try too. I immediately signed up for the VIP membership because I was sucked in by the ability to overlap my charts, getting a green light on fertile days, having the site give me an "interpretation" of my cycle and so much more! However, after renewing my membership 5 times, I just didn’t want to spend the $16.95 for another three months of service, because if it hasn’t made a difference in my life so far, I doubt it will in the future. I’ve officially stopped temping and using the fertility monitor and I’m relying solely on my RE. I’m haven’t been checking my chart constantly and comparing it to girls who have gotten BFPs. I feel liberated!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Decorating for Fall

It finally feels like fall here in Philly! Fall is my favorite time of year -- I like watching football, going to the pumpkin patch, haunted hayrides, candy apples, Halloween and Thanksgiving!

On Saturday, my mom and I went to Rice's Market and Peddler's Village in New Hope, PA. New Hope is about an hour north of my home in Philly, and I totally underestimated how much cooler it would be up there! I left the house with my Uggs and a light jacket, but when we got to Rice's, I needed to buy a hat and scarf to keep warm!

We spent about 2 hours wandering around and, other than the hat and scarf, I bought a 'Welcome Fall' garden rake for the front of my house, a little crow and some pumpkins. After Rice's, we went to Peddler's Village and had lunch at the Cock n' Bull -- yum!!

We drove by one of my favorite pumpkin patches in Buckingham, but we didn't stop by. I told my mom that I really can't wait to have children so that I can share all of my favorite things with them -- like picking out pumpkins! There were tons of young families there with their adorable children clutching pumpkins in their little arms. I can't wait to be able to do that too.

After we got home and my mom went on her way, I decorated the house for fall. We planted the mums last year and they started out a normal size, but grew into what you see now. They're enormous!!

I hope you all had a nice weekend too!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not Your Typical Christmas Dilemma...

Last week, I was talking with one of my co-worker friends about the upcoming holiday season. She asked me if I plan to take Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas off and I told her that I did. I always use my vacation days for those particular days because I have long-standing Christmas Eve traditions and I like to relax the day after Christmas.

She told me that she thinks that people without children, like myself, should offer to work those days so that mothers with young children get first "dibs" on holidays. What?! I was taken aback! First of all, I save vacation days throughout the year so that I can take those particular days off. Second of all, I felt like she was discriminating against me because I don’t have any children! I truly believe she wasn’t trying to be malicious, but I was really offended so I told her how I felt. She backtracked and told me that she just thought it would be a nice thing for childless women to do. Even though I don’t have children, I still have a family that I enjoy spending time with!

I didn’t get into it any further with her because it wouldn’t have ended well, but I stand by my decision and I will be enjoying my Christmas vacation.