Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Forget something?

On Friday, my RE prescribed Clomid for me in preparation for my first ever IUI cycle, which is estimated to take place the week of September 1st. I was so excited to finally get this underway!
I called Justin to let him know the plan for the IUI week. That’s when he reminded me that he’s going to be in New Orleans for work that week. I couldn’t believe that I completely forgot about his trip!!! I never forget about his business trips, but with everything that’s been going on in our life, it just slipped my mind.

In a panic, I called my RE’s office to see if I should even bother taking the Clomid, but they were closed because I called after 4 p.m. on a Friday. I decided that I would take the Clomid anyway because it may make me ovulate later than usual, which would be fantastic! I doubt that it will though, it’s just my luck. If this cycle is a bust, what’s the harm in waiting another month?! It’s been 13 months already. One more won’t kill me!

Friday, August 22, 2008


This morning I went in for my cd3 ultrasound (vadge cam!) and blood work. The doc put me on 50mg Clomid and told me that I need to go back on the 8/31 for cd12 b/w and ultrasound. I guess we’ll figure out on the 31st which day my IUI will be!

When I got back to the office today after my appointment, my boss, who is working from home, and has no idea why I was at said appointment, gave me a ring on the phone:

Boss: Hi Jenn, how did your appointment go today?

Jenn: It went well, thank you.

Boss: Do you have something to tell me?

Jenn: Huh? Noooooo?

Boss: No "special news?"

Jenn: **thinking this can't possibly be happening right now** No special news from me. Sorry.

Boss: Well I was speculating with someone and we were thinking that you were pregnant.

Jenn: I'm not. ha ha ha. Is there anything I can help you with?

I know that it was a perfectly innocent assumption and he meant absolutely no harm, but damn did that one hurt. I hope he doesn't come in on Monday and rub my belly or something. That would be horrific.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'll have what she's having

I love visiting gossip websites. Perez Hilton, DListed and ImNotObsessed are some of my favorites. Today I checked INO and noticed that there was lots of baby news today!! Gwen Stefani had a scheduled c-section, Jennifer Garner has confirmed her pregnancy, Eva Longoria is sporting a teenie tiny (unconfirmed) baby bump and loose-fitting clothes and now Angie Harmon and Jason Seahorn have confirmed that they’re expecting their third.

I need to move out to Hollywood and drink whatever it is that’s in the water out there.

In other news, I’ve heard from my RE and I have cd3 b/w and an ultrasound tomorrow (hooray for the vag cam!) The nurse mentioned that I may be put on Clomid again this month. I’m not looking forward to the insane hot flashes and "clomid crazies" that I experienced the first time around, but hey, whatever works right?!?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The dreaded phone call

I had to make "the phone call" this morning to my RE’s office.

Me: Hi, this is Jenn, Dr. Huppert asked that I call on the first day of my new cycle(which I was obviously hoping not to have).

Nice lady on the phone: Full flow?

Me: Yes.

Nice lady on the phone: She’ll call you back some time today.

That’s it. Short and sweet. I feel awful and miserable and sad that I even had to make that phone call. Last week, the nurse who did my cd21 blood work, said that my progesterone was great (28) and if I didn’t get my period by next Thursday, call her so she could do a pg test. I wish I would have had to make that phone call instead.

So this is where I am now. Waiting to hear from my awesome doctor.

This new cycle is the one where we’ll proceed with an IUI. I’m cautiously optimistic about it. I’m going to try and remain positive about the whole situation. The good thing is that after my IUI this cycle, I’ll be on vacation for a week! We’re just heading to the Jersey shore which is about an hour from my doctor’s office, so at least I’ll be relaxed during the 2ww!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's been a year?

I’ve done it. It’s been one year since my husband and I started trying to start a family….well, a bigger family. Right now, it’s just two of us and our Boston Terrier, Tank.

A lot of wonderful things have happened in the past year: we celebrated our second anniversary, took a few skiing trips, went on a cruise, had some great parties, attended lots of weddings, but the one thing I was just certain would happen….didn’t.

It all started last July when we decided to start trying. Like any couple first starting off, we didn't think it would take a long time...a few months at most. I finished my last pack of birth control pills and we did our thing. August and September passed with no baby, so by October I figured I’d speed the process along by temping and using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, which is used to pinpoint ovulation, making your timing easier. I was hoping to be able to tell my family at Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas that there would be a new addition to the family, but it didn’t happen. In January I had an annual with my ob/gyn and he decided to put me on 50mg of Clomid for February. That was bust. Then we tried 100mg in March. That too, was a bust.

In June I decided to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) at Fertility and Gynecology Associates in Philly. My RE performed hormone evaluations, a transvaginal ultrasound, an HSG (hysterosalpingogram), and a semen analysis. Everything checked out perfect so in August (our one year mark) she had me come in for more blood work and if a baby wasn’t made, we’d proceed with IUI in September.

This is where we are now. After 12 cycles of trying, I don’t expect it to magically happen this month, but you never know. Right?