Monday, December 8, 2008

8 weeks 1 day

I had my 8 week 1 day appointment with my RE this morning. This was officially my last appointment with Dr. H -- I've graduated to Dr. D, my ob/gyn who I visit next Tuesday.
I fully expected to have my last ultrasound today as well as the usual blood work, but when I arrived at the office, the receptionist told me that Aetna won't allow any more! I was a little sad, but I really need to get over it. Plenty of women haven't even had ONE yet and I was going on number 6!
At eight weeks the babies "tails" are practically gone and they have little webbed fingers and toes. They're moving around like crazy too!
I haven't actually "gotten sick" yet, but I feel pretty gross at times. The thought of actually cooking dinner is appalling. I'd much rather have someone else cook it for me -- but not in the same house because the smell can be too much. Fatigue hit me pretty hard yesterday. One minute I was awake and the next thing I knew Justin was waking me up to go upstairs to bed! I officially slept from 8pm to 7am -- go me!


Little Wonders said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, which lead me to yours. It is so fun to have another twin momma's blog to follow ;) I'm just 6 days ahead of you! I'm so glad to hear you say that about your diet. Pre-pregnancy, I loved salads - now, all the veggies I bought with the best of intentions are rotting in my fridge. I just can't stand the thought of eating any! I'm sure we'll make it through this .. and will have to get serious about gaining weight once that 1st trimester is over :)

Tabitha said...

yay for sleep! Get all of it that you can, because when those precious little twins are here it will be far and few between! But it will all be worth it! =)