Monday, November 3, 2008


Today I'm 7 dpo, so I went to my RE for blood work. My progesterone level came back good at 17.2 so now I wait for my beta which is next Monday, November 10th (the day before our three year anniversary!). I've been feeling pretty uncomfortable lately and have been attributing it to the progesterone supplements. I've been painfully bloated and nauseous at times but, contrary to what I've been reading, my temperment has been just fine -- I even checked with Justin and he agreed with me! Phew, at least something has remained the same!
This past Friday, Justin and I met a few friends in downtown Philadelphia for the Phillies World Series parade. What a crazy day that was! Here are a few pictures:

Pat Burrell

Brett Myers and Cole Hamels


Tab said...

You are in my prayers! Only one week to go!