Saturday, October 25, 2008

IUI #2 and the unfortunate sight we saw before

I woke up bright and early today for my RE appointment. My OPK was negative, but Justin still had to come with me to my RE appointment just in case my blood work suggested otherwise. I had 3 nice sized follies (33mm, 22mm and 20mm), but I haven't yet had an LH surge. I had an IUI today because their office is closed tomorrow. Justin's post-was count was 100 million with great motility! Dr. H thinks I'll ovulate sometime Sunday night and we'll have our 2nd IUI on Monday morning. Hopefully we have okay timing, but I'm not going to obsess over it and make myself stressed hard to do!

As we were driving to the RE appointment today, we passed an abortion clinic on 8th Street with about 20 protesters outside holding anti-abortion signs. There was a woman walking into the building (presumably to have an abortion) and there were about 8 "guardians" with yellow vests guiding the woman into the building. The protesters were shouting at her and the volunteers with the vests were trying their best to shield her from them. Justin looked over at me and said, "it's crazy, that woman is going to get rid of a baby and we're on our way to try and make one. I'm so sorry." I told him that it obviously wasn't his fault and that this is the beauty of America...we have the freedom and a right to choose what we do with our bodies. I got upset and started tearing up because it's crazy how differently things work out for people. I wish things could be different.

On a much lighter note, tonight is game 3 of the World Series and I'm hoping that the Phillies are going to do well, especially because we're playing at home. Jamie Moyer is pitching and I'm feeling pretty confident in him! Go Phils!


Karen said...

Good luck with IUI #2! I am so sorry at what you saw beforehand, life is so unfair sometimes.